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A Monthly Newsletter – January 2007

Hello and welcome to the 2007 News You Can Use. Our New Year's resolution is to redouble our efforts to provide essential news and "how tos" to help you get your job done. If SCP support is on your wish list, then we have exciting news for you. This month's Forum extract points out an easily overlooked configuration method in SecureCRT®. Then, CERT schools us all on insider threats. We close with a couple of quick productivity shortcuts for SecureCRT and SecureFX®.


1. SCP: Coming Soon To VShell® For Windows
2. Heard On The Forum: Global Session Configuration Changes
3. Web Resources: CERT Research On Insider Threats
4. Did You Know: Quick Copy And Paste in SecureCRT
5. Did You Know? Move Files with Drag And Drop In SecureFX
6. New And Current Releases

Online Resources

1. SCP: Coming Soon To VShell For Windows

An upcoming version of the VShell server for Windows will provide an implementation of SCP over SSH2. In addition to the core functionality, there will be a high level of file system control.

The SCP file system access can be set using virtual root directories for any access level per user or group, from the full file system to a "jail" limited to the user home directory. And while other SCP implementations require shell or remote exec privileges, the VShell version allows SCP rights to be granted without extending any further capabilities, so a server can be locked down to file transfer only for a specified set of users.

The initial delivery of SCP capability will be server-side only, with support for existing SCP clients.

If you are interested in testing a VShell for Windows SCP-enabled server on your network, please send your request to us using our technical support form.

2. Heard On The Forum: Global Session Configuration Changes

Forum member es01 asks, "Is there any way to globally disable the audio bell in all sessions?" We thought we'd mention this in case you haven't come across the method of changing behavior for all sessions in SecureCRT.

You can alter the default bell behavior, colors, display, and other options by editing the "default session" as follows:

  • In the "Global Options" dialog under category "General", select the "Default Session" sub-category.
  • Click the "Edit Default Settings" to bring up the "Session Options" for the default session.
  • In SecureCRT 5.0 and later versions, you have the option of applying default session changes to all existing sessions.

Before selecting "Yes", make sure you really want to apply all the changes you've made to the default session to all your sessions as you will be overwriting your existing session option settings and there's no undo for this operation.

Read the complete forum topic, or view the complete tip, Copying Settings to Multiple Sessions in SecureCRT 5.0 and SecureFX 3.0.

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3. Web Resources: CERT Research On Insider Threats

How well protected is your company against insider threats? A survey by CERT, the international security organization, found that 55% of organizations surveyed experienced an insider threat in 2006, up from 39% the previous year. Given the potential for those with systems access to wreak havoc, this is an area that deserves considerable attention.

In their podcast "Protecting Against Insider Threat", CERT staff members Julia Allen and Dawn Cappelli explain what they have learned while investigating insider threats and developing ways to prevent the threats they found. Here is a brief outline of the discussion:

  • Insider threats: fraud, theft of information, and sabotage
  • The importance of separation of duties
  • What "Unknown access paths" are and how to prevent them
  • The CERT model of insider IT sabotage
  • How companies get caught in the "trust trap"
  • Warning signs of a potential saboteur
  • Pitfalls of checks and balances: the $691M trading loss
  • Where background checks and account audits fit in
  • Why firing a disgruntled employee doesn't prevent sabotage
  • Three more key steps to deal with insider threats

Some of the CERT resources provided from the site include insider threat modeling, training materials, and a "Common Sense Guide" to best practices. To download the podcast and access other materials, visit the CERT web site.

4. Did You Know: Quick Copy And Paste in SecureCRT

Here's a productivity tip for SecureCRT users who copy and paste text repeatedly from a shell window. The "Copy on Select" option copies the text selected with the mouse in the SecureCRT window to the Windows clipboard. A "Paste on middle/right button" command allows you to speed up pasting from the Windows Clipboard to the terminal screen. Text is pasted as soon as the mouse button is pressed.

The "Copy on Select" and "Paste on middle/right button" options can be found in the "Global Options" dialog, Terminal category, Mouse options group.

For more information see Help topic "Copying and Pasting", or you can read the complete tip on our web site.

5. Did You Know? Move Files with Drag And Drop In SecureFX

There is a way to move files between folders or directories with SecureFX, so you don't have to copy, then go back and delete files from the source. Select a file or files using the mouse. Then, hold the ALT key down and drag the files from one SecureFX window to another. The files will be moved instead of copied in the usual drag-and-drop method. This is the same behavior seen in Windows Explorer.

Or, instead of using the ALT key, select a file or files, then hold down the right mouse button and drag the file or files to the destination window. Then, select "Move" from the context menu that appears when you release the right mouse button.

7. New And Current Releases

SecureCRT 5.2.2, CRT ™ 5.2.2, and SecureFX 4.0.2 maintenance releases were made on January 18, 2007. SecureCRT 5.2.2 and SecureFX 4.0.2 feature SSL support, a variety of tab enhancements for SecureCRT, and have two configuration enhancements in common: improved X.509 host-key checking and HTTP proxy support.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 5.2.2
  SecureFX 4.0.2
  CRT 5.2.2
  VShell 2.6.2 Server for Windows
  VShell 2.6.2 Server for UNIX
    Red Hat Linux 7.x
    Red Hat Linux 8.x
    Red Hat Linux 9.x
    Red Hat Enterprise v2.1/v3
    Solaris 8
    FreeBSD 4.8/5.3/5.4
    HP-UX 11
    Mac OS X 10.2
    AIX 4.3/5.2/5.3

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