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A Monthly Newsletter – November 2010

The official releases of SecureCRT® 6.6, SecureFX® 6.6, and ClientPack 6.6 came out right after the last newsletter was delivered, so this month's issue catches you up with information on upgrading and using the new software. First, we review how to move sessions from Windows to Mac, then offer details on the transfer bandwidth "throttle" option in SecureFX 6.6. For our readers who are VShell(R) server admins, we have a tip on the VShell Who.exe utility "--kill" option.


1. SecureCRT, SecureFX, and Client Pack 6.6 – Now Official
2. How to Move Sessions from Windows to Mac
3. How to Manage "Throttle Bandwidth" Options in SecureFX 6.6
4. Tip: Using Who.exe "--kill" in VShell for Windows
5. New and Current Releases

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1. SecureCRT, SecureFX, and Client Pack 6.6 – Now Official

The Mac version of SecureCRT 6.6 is now available in official release. Mac OS X users have an alternative to the Mac Terminal application with the strengths of SecureCRT:

    • Secure Shell (SSH1, SSH2, SFTP), Telnet, and serial protocols
    • Custom sessions -- emulations, colors, keymaps, and more
    • Tabbed sessions for quick access to reconnect, open an SFTP tab, clone a session, and track connection status
    • Map keys and buttons to commands and Python scripts
    • Send commands to multiple devices with the chat window
    • Session logging to track events and history

The Mac version also supports the local shell, a first for SecureCRT.  SecureCRT for Mac OS X is built on a foundation that has incorporated Secure Shell since 1998.

Both Windows and Mac versions support Python cross-platform scripting as an alternative to VBScript and other ActiveX-based languages.  Sample Python scripts are available on
our website to get users up and running:

A send binary option has been added to enable transferring binary files when the remote system doesn't support Zmodem.

Download SecureCRT 6.6 for Windows and Mac OS X:

The release of SecureFX gives network administrators more control over complex transfers.  New global settings let you define the allowed bandwidth for transfers, and set the number of parallel transfers allowed, so that fresh files continually fill the number of slots available.

Download SecureFX 6.6 for Windows today:

An upgraded version of the ClientPack toolkit for task automation is also available for download.  This release adds overwrite flags to the VRALib .NET library and expands the vsftp command set.  ClientPack serves as a powerful resource for administrators and developers who need to apply Secure Shell outside the bounds of SecureCRT and SecureFX.

Try ClientPack 6.6 now:

2. How to Move Sessions from Windows to Mac

For SecureCRT customers new to the Mac OS X version, or using SecureCRT on multiple platforms, below is a review of how to move sessions.

SecureCRT (and SecureFX) configuration data is stored in a set of folders. This makes moving settings a matter of finding the source and destination folder locations, and copying folders from one machine to another. Settings can be distributed to multiple machines the same way.

Bringing over configuration files doesn't always complete the conversion. There are some platform-dependent settings like fonts that need to be reset after bringing over sessions. And if you are using public-key authentication, your identity files need to be brought over separately, and the identity file path will need to be updated. The default path on the Mac is ~home/.ssh.  On Windows, the default path is C:\Users\<user>\Documents\.

Read the complete FAQ on transferring sessions between Mac and Windows machines.

How to Manage "Throttle Bandwidth" Options in SecureFX 6.6

By default SecureFX allows file transfer sessions to use all available network bandwidth. There are good reasons why you would want more control than this:

    • You are on a fast network and need to multi-task
    • Using all the bandwidth affects other network users
    • A service provider limits the amount of bandwidth

The 6.6 release of SecureFX lets you define the amount of bandwidth used by all file transfer sessions. This new option is a Global Options setting in the "File Transfer/ Options" category. By changing the value in the "Bandwidth" box from zero, you can specify a specific number of KB per second to allow. Note: since this is a discrete value, it is possible to set it higher than your actual available bandwidth, which won't restrict file transfer activity at all. Check with your system or network admin if you don't know what setting to use.

Clearly the bandwidth setting that works best is related to many factors, and you will have to experiment to find what is right for your network configuration and file transfer tasks.

Download the latest release of SecureFX today!

4. Tip: Using Who.exe "
--kill" in VShell for Windows

The Who.exe command-line utility included with the VShell server for Windows provides information about the current active connections to the server. For VShell 3.5 and later releases, Who.exe offers the ability to disconnect active sessions. This handy --kill function is explained in a tip on the VanDyke Software Support website.

To read the complete tip, visit the Support tips section.

5. New and Current Releases

Official releases were made available October 21 of the SecureCRT 6.6 and SecureFX 6.6 applications, along with the ClientPack 6.6 utilities.

The SecureCRT 6.6 release offers cross-platform scripting with Python and a "Send Binary" file transfer option. The first version for Mac OS X systems delivers a full complement of advanced session management, security, terminal emulation, and automation capabilities.

SecureFX 6.6 adds the ability to limit bandwidth available to transfers and an option to set the number of parallel transfers allowed. ClientPack 6.6 improves the VRALib interface for COM and .NET applications.

A maintenance update was made available November 4 of SecureCRT 6.6.1, SecureFX 6.6.1, and ClientPack 6.6.1 to address issues in the previous release. In addition, a maintenance release of the VShell server 3.6.5 was made available October 25.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 6.6.1
  SecureFX 6.6.1
  VanDyke ClientPack 6.6.1
  VShell 3.6.5 Server for Windows
  VShell 3.6.5 Server for UNIX
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
     Solaris 10 (SPARC)
     Solaris 8 (SPARC)
     FreeBSD 7.0 (Intel x86)
     FreeBSD 6.1 (Intel x86)
     HP-UX 11
     Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel x86)
     Mac OS X 10.2
     AIX 5.3

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

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