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VanDyke ClientPack History

           The VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 (Beta) -- July 22, 2021

             Copyright (c) 1995-2021 VanDyke Software, Inc.
                        All rights reserved.

This file contains a VanDyke ClientPack product history.  It includes
lists of new features, changes, and bug fixes sorted by release.  For
a product description, installation notes, registration information,
and contact information, please refer to clientpack_readme.txt
(downloaded with this installation).

Changes in VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 (Beta 3) -- July 22, 2021

No changes.

Changes in VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 (Beta 2) -- June 29, 2021

Bug Fix:

  - Windows: When using VCP to perform a file copy on the local system
    (local to local), the destination filename was prepended with the
    source file path.

Changes in VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 (Beta 1) -- June 3, 2021

New Feature:

  - Mac: Added support for Big Sur.