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VanDyke ClientPack History

         The VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 (Beta) -- October 20, 2020

             Copyright (c) 1995-2020 VanDyke Software, Inc.
                        All rights reserved.

This file contains a VanDyke ClientPack product history.  It includes
lists of new features, changes, and bug fixes sorted by release.  For
a product description, installation notes, registration information,
and contact information, please refer to clientpack_readme.txt
(downloaded with this installation).

Changes in VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 (Beta 2) -- October 20, 2020

No changes.

Changes in VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 (Beta 1) -- September 24, 2020

New Feature:

  - Added support for the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 public-key
    algorithms (RFC 8332).


  - vsh/vcp/vsftp: Removed support for several weak ciphers
    (Blowfish and RC4) and MACs (SHA1-96, MD5, and MD5-96).

  - vcp/vsftp: When connecting to a ProFTPD mod_sftp server, SFTP
    version 3 is used by default.

Bug Fixes:

  - If a remote server denied SFTP access, vsftp/vcp could
    potentially hang after a connection attempt.

  - VCP: When attempting a server-to-server transfer, if the
    connection to the source server failed, vcp attempted to
    upload the file from the local file system.