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VShell Videos

We've developed a series of videos that introduce you to VShell and help you get started with installation and set up. More advanced topics cover key features and show you how to customize VShell to best meet your needs.

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What is VShell? [4:09]

An overview of the VShell server.

How to Install VShell for Windows [4:01]

A walk-through showing how to install VShell for Windows. Includes a tip on how to use the vsftp command line utility included in VShell's installation to test connectivity to VShell following installation.

Configuring VShell as a File Transfer only Server [3:31]

Walks you through how to configure the VShell Server for Windows to be a file transfer only server for most users, but allow shell, remote exec, and port forwarding functionality for an Administrator so that privileged accounts can have access to perform administrative tasks on the VShell machine.

How to Lock File Transfer Clients to a Specific Folder [4:08]

Learn how to lock file transfer clients to a specific folder so they cannot reach any other location when connected to VShell.

A Brief Look at the VShell Monitor [2:56]

A quick overview of VShell's Monitor which shows real-time activity occurring through client connections to the VShell server.

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