Our flexible secure file transfer client gives you the tools you need to increase the security and efficiency of file transfer operations and site synchronization.

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SecureFX Videos

Here you'll find a series of videos that help you get started with SecureFX and introduce you to time-saving features.

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Synchronize: Mirror a Remote Folder with SecureFX [5:08]

This video shows how to configure a SecureFX "Synchronize Session" with the goal of keeping a local folder in sync with changes that take place on a targeted remote folder located on a file transfer server. Bonus: This video reveals two options available for increasing file transfer performance for large files/folders if you're using the SFTP protocol.

Scheduling File Transfer Operations in SecureFX [4:18]

This video demonstrates using SecureFX 8.x to schedule a file transfer operation. You'll also learn ways to customize the scheduled task using the Windows Task Scheduler to (a) configure the task to run more often (repeat every 15 minutes) and (b) configure SFXCL to remove source files after they have been successfully transferred.

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