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SecureFX History

          SecureFX(R) 9.1.1 (Official) -- November 23, 2021

            Copyright (C) 1995-2021 VanDyke Software, Inc.
                       All rights reserved.

This file contains the SecureFX product history.  It includes lists of
new features, changes, and bug fixes sorted by release.  For a product
description, installation notes, registration information, and contact
information, please refer to SecureFX_README.txt (downloaded with this 

Changes in SecureFX 9.1.1 (Official) -- November 23, 2021

New Feature:

  - Windows: SecureFX 9.1.1 is compatible with Windows 11.

Bug Fix:

  - After a synchronize operation completed, the transaction statistics
    displayed in the log reported an incorrect number of file transfers
    and did not report the number of files that were deleted.

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Official) -- September 2, 2021

No changes.

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 5) -- August 24, 2021

Bug Fixes:

  - Listing all S3 buckets on a Linode server failed with a
    "SignatureDoesNotMatch" error.

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 4) -- August 10, 2021

Bug Fixes:

  - The listing of S3 buckets containing millions of items is
    significantly faster.  Previously, it could have taken 30 minutes
    or longer.

  - When connected to an S3 server, if the owner name for a directory
    entry contained a space, browsing the directory structure would
    have failed.

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 3) -- July 22, 2021

Bug Fixes:

  - When connected to a NetApp StorageGRID S3 server, file rename
    operations may have failed.

  - SCP: When connected to a Cisco ASA device that is configured to be
    in "Multiple Context Mode", the remote SCP commands sent by
    SecureFX would have failed.  A "SCP Cisco ASA Force System Command
    Mode" session .INI-file-only option has been added, which allows
    the remote system context to be changed to system execution mode.

  - Windows: When editing an existing Scheduled Task, the start time
    for the task displayed the current time instead of the previously
    scheduled time.

  - Windows: If an error occurred while attempting to update the
    application using "Update now...", the error message may not
    have been displayed as expected.

  - Mac/Linux: When running SecureCRT and SecureFX integrated, if one
    application was launched from the other, after navigating to the
    "Configuration Paths" category in the Global Options dialog, it
     was not possible to navigate to a different category.

  - Mac: The VanDyke Update dialogs did not honor the system Dark Mode

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 2) -- June 29, 2021

Bug Fixes:

  - When connected to a Cisco device using the SCP protocol, commands
    sent and responses received may have been logged out of order.

  - When connected to a Treck FTP server, directory listings may not
    have been parsed correctly.

Changes in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 1) -- June 3, 2021

New Features:

  - Mac: Added support for Big Sur.

  - Added transfer protocol "HTTPS (S3)", which supports S3-compatible
    services in addition to AWS.

  - Added OpenSSH Agent support for the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512
    signature formats.

  - Windows: The display theme's foreground and background colors are
    honored for the panes in the SecureFX application window.

  - Mac: Updated the GUI by removing the toolbar and moving the
    toolbar items to the title bar.


  - The log trace level can now be set in the Session Options dialog.

  - The folder tree area in the remote view now has a minimum height.

  - Windows: For all display themes, the title bar now uses the
    standard Windows Minimize, Restore, and Close buttons and uses
    the system accent color if the Windows Colors option "Title bars
    and window borders" is set.

Bug Fixes:

  - Windows: If the local or remote window tree view was toggled on and
    the previously saved size of the view was set to 0, SecureFX could
    have crashed.

  - Windows: On high-DPI monitors with certain scaling levels, the
    MD5 fingerprint displayed on the view host key dialog may have
    been cut off.