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SecureFX Beta History

               SecureFX(R) 8.5 (Beta) -- July 19, 2018

            Copyright (C) 1995-2018 VanDyke Software, Inc.
                       All rights reserved.

This file contains the SecureFX product history.  It includes lists of
new features, changes, and bug fixes sorted by release.  For a product
description, installation notes, registration information, and contact
information, please refer to SecureFX_README.txt (downloaded with this 

Changes in SecureFX 8.5 (Beta 3) -- July 19, 2018


  - Pressing CTRL+B (or COMMAND+B on MacOS) in the tree view adds the
    selected folder to the list of bookmarks.

Changes in SecureFX 8.5 (Beta 2) -- July 10, 2018

No changes.

Changes in SecureFX 8.5 (Beta 1) -- June 28, 2018

New features:

  - The Manage Bookmarks dialog allows bookmarks to be edited, copied
    from another session, added, and deleted.
  - When "Open Bookmarks" is selected from the File menu or file view
    context menu, all the bookmarks are shown.  If there a lot of
    bookmarks, the list may have to be scrolled to see all of them. 
  - Added a global INI-file-only option called "SecureFX Single
    Instance", which is on by default.  If SecureFX is already running
    and a new SecureFX session is launched from SecureCRT, from the
    system desktop, or from the command line, the new session will open
    in the existing SecureFX application window.
  - Added support for the SHA2-512-EtM and SHA2-256-EtM MACs.
  - Added a global option to make the default action "Transfer" when a
    file is double-clicked or is selected and ENTER is pressed.
  - Sorting on columns is supported in all list controls that have
  - Added a session INI-file-only option "Keyboard Interactive
    Prompt" that allows the expected prompt for keyboard-interactive
    authentication to be specified.
  - SFXCL: Added a /ReconnectCount flag to SFXCL that specifies the
    number of times to try to reconnect after a disconnect occurs
    during a transfer operation.
  - SFXCL: Added a /Parsable option to the /List command, which forces
    the list output to be displayed in MLSD/MLST format.
  - SFXCL: Added command-line option /MaxParallel that allows the
    maximum number of parallel transfers to be specified for transfer
  - SFXCL: Added command-line option /TraceLevel that allows the
    trace output verbosity to be specified for all file operations.


  - Improved the responsiveness of the user interface when multiple
    files are being transferred simultaneously.
  - The default action for pressing ENTER or double-clicking a file is
    transfer.  This setting can be changed in the Global Options dialog.
  - In the Public Key Properties dialog, the "Use identity or
    certificate file" field can be left blank.
  - Because of an update to a cryptographic library used by SecureFX,
    newly generated DSA keys are now restricted to 1024 bits.
  - Preceding and trailing whitespace is removed from hosts entered
    in the Connect bar.
  - The Manage Bookmarks dialog is resizable.
  - The keyboard shortcut ALT+N brings up the Session Manager or
    Connect dialog.
  - Migrated trace level option for sessions to a higher number
    because most of the messages that were previously traced at
    level 1 were moved to level 2.
  - The session option "Disable initial SFTP extensions" can now be
    configured in the GUI.
  - Windows: Improved transfer speeds by more than 25% when thousands
    of files are transferred in parallel using the transfer queue.
  - Windows: For the VS2013 Dark theme, the active tab's color was
    lightened and the highlight outline color for selected options on
    the toolbar was changed to orange.
  - Windows: The close button for the "Native" display theme is now a
    plain "X".

Bug fixes:

  - SecureFX crashed after closing a remote session tab and then
    entering text in the Session Manager's filter bar.
  - SecureFX could become non-responsive after uploading thousands of
    files listed individually using the transfer window instead of the
    transfer queue. 
  - In the Session Manager or Connect dialog, if a folder was renamed
    to have a name that was too long for the local system, the sessions
    contained in the folder were deleted.
  - On case-sensitive file systems, synchronize operations could
    incorrectly match or miss entries where the file or folder names
    only differed by case.
  - On case-sensitive file systems, the entry selected in the tree view
    after a file operation could be incorrect if the operation involved
    folders or files with names that only differed by case from other
    folders or files.
  - Remote edit would not upload files when changes were made without
    exiting the editor.
  - Files could not be uploaded to a folder that did not already exist
    on a Titan server when SFTP version 6 was used.
  - SFXCL: Usernames, passwords, and configuration passphrases
    containing non-ANSI characters could not be entered at an
    interactive prompt.
  - SFXCL: If "/S:i" was specified on the command line, the remote
    initial directory was ignored if the destination filename was
    different from the source filename.
  - Windows: If a file on the remote system had a timestamp with a year
    beyond 9999, SecureFX could crash when the folder containing that
    file was viewed.
  - Mac/Linux: Every launch of the context menu took longer and
    used more memory.
  - Mac/Linux: When drag and drop was used to initiate a transfer,
    the entire row of the destination folder was not highlighted.
  - Mac/Linux: The list of hosts in the Global Options dialog in the
    SSH Host Key category was not sorted.
  - Mac/Linux: If a session name contained two ampersands, the Window
    and File menus displayed the session name with three ampersands.
  - Mac: Filters did not work correctly for the local window if the
    file system was case sensitive.
  - Linux: SFXCL crashed if it was run before SecureFX had ever
    been launched.