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VShell Server History

         VShell(R) Server 4.7 (Beta) -- January 4, 2022

         Copyright (C) 1995-2022 VanDyke Software, Inc.
                    All rights reserved.

This file contains a VShell product history.  It includes lists
of new features, changes, and bug fixes sorted by release.  For a
product description, installation notes, registration, and contact
information, please refer to readme.txt (downloaded with this

Changes in VShell 4.7 (Beta 1) -- January 4, 2022

New features:

  - New options allow restriction of uploads according to file 

  - Idle timeout values for SSH2, FTPS, and HTTPS can now be 
    subconfigured by location, user, or group.

  - The "Enable Sharing for SFTP Open" option can now be subconfigured
    for specific users, groups, or locations.

  - Windows, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS: Added an option to not list system 

  - Windows, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS: Added an option to not list hidden

  - Windows: Added the ability to copy a trigger.

  - Windows: Added support for Windows 11.

  - Windows, SSH2/SFTP: For RADIUS authentication, added an option to 
    strip the domain from the username.


  - In FIPS mode, digital signatures that use SHA-1 as the hashing
    algorithm can no longer be used because they are not allowed by
    the upgraded version of the FIPS library module.

  - For newly-generated RSA host keys, the minimum size is now 1024 

  - When permissions of the internal database system user prevent a 
    user's home directory from being automatically created, a message 
    is logged.

  - Added an option to prevent clients from using ssh-rsa (SHA-1) as
    the algorithm for host key or publickey authentication.

  - HTTPS: Cookies now have the HttpOnly flag enabled.

  - HTTPS: Updated several of the jQuery libraries used, including 
    update of jQuery UI to version 1.13.0. 

  - HTTPS: Folder upload now works with mobile browsers.

  - HTTPS: The Login page no longer automatically capitalizes the 
    username when a mobile browser is used.

  - HTTPS: When connected with Safari on an iOS device, a long click 
    on a file or folder now displays the context menu.

  - HTTPS: When connected with Chrome on an Android device, double 
    tapping (clicking) on a folder now opens the folder.

  - Windows: Added an option (registry-only) to check, after 
    authentication, whether each and every virtual root is available.  
    This option is on by default.

  - Windows: The VShell Control Panel now displays an error for an 
    invalid SSH2 configuration with no key exchange algorithms. 

  - Windows: In the VShell Control Panel, the Certificate Options page 
    now appears under the Common Category.

Bug fixes:

  - HTTPS: If the permissions for a virtual root were changed while 
    there were active connections to the server, file access results
    for those connections could be inconsistent.

  - HTTPS: When the DELETE, PUT, or HEAD methods were disabled, 
    VShell's response to the OPTIONS command would incorrectly 
    indicate that they were all enabled.

  - HTTPS: Specifying an alternate log file folder using a 
    subconfiguration did not change the destination to which HTTPS 
    messages were written.

  - Windows: In the unusual case where a system issue prevents the 
    server from impersonating the user while establishing the virtual 
    file system, the server could crash.

  - Windows: When an LDAP server was used for authentication, 
    connections could be counted incorrectly for the per-user 
    connection limit.

  - Windows: When connected to an LDAP server with over 1000 users or 
    groups, all the users or groups may not have been displayed.  

  - Windows: The VShellConfig "sftp add" command could be used to 
    unexpectedly create a virtual root with an empty path.

  - Windows: In the unusual case that a virtual root was created with 
    an empty path, it was treated as an "" virtual root.

  - Windows: In some cases, the VShell Control Panel could crash if a 
    user was added to the Access Control or SFTP Commands pages but no 
    permissions were selected before switching to a different page.

  - Windows: When configuring a remote SFTP virtual root to a remote 
    server that only supported the Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange key 
    exchange algorithm, the connection would fail.

  - Windows: If the configured RADIUS server was inaccessible during a 
    RADIUS authentication attempt, a VShell service restart was 
    required after the RADIUS server was reachable again.

  - Linux/Mac: If configured to log to a remote Syslog server, when a
    client disconnected some messages would not sent to the Syslog 
    server and an error about "The specified network name is no longer 
    available" would be written to the VShell log.

  - Linux/Mac: When using a vshell.lic file that included the 
    demarcation lines for the start or end of a license block, VShell 
    would fail to parse the actual license data.