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A Monthly Newsletter - August 2002

This month's newsletter highlights recent product releases, events, and tips on using VanDyke Software(TM)products. Download and evaluate official releases of our VShell(TM) server and Entunnel(TM) client and new beta versions of SecureCRT(R) 4.0, SecureFX(R) 2.1, and CRT(R) 4.0.

Time is running out for introductory pricing of the Entunnel data tunneling client. Take advantage of this special offer and buy online:

Security Advisory

Recent maintenance releases of all versions of SecureCRT respond to a potential security vulnerability when connecting to a maliciously configured SSH1 server. We recommend that you upgrade to one of the new versions immediately. A security advisory page with additional information and download links has been published on the VanDyke web site:


1. New Releases - VShell 2.1 and Entunnel 1.0 Official
2. Tips - Automating File Transfers
3. Current Releases
4. Recommended Reading - Silk and Cyanide

1. New Releases - VShell 2.1 and Entunnel 1.0 Official

VShell 2.1 (Official)
Simple configuration combined with strong SSH security VShell 2.1, the latest version of our SSH2(TM) server for Windows NT(R)and 2000, adds new features to automate routine tasks and reduce system administration hassles that are often encountered when configuring multiple user accounts. Triggers allow administrators to automate routine file operations. Administrators can initiate file operations like anti-virus scans or moving files from an upload folder to a destination folder. The failed authentication trigger initiates a command after a user exceeds the permitted number of logon attempts and can be used to send an e-mail or pager notification to the administrator.

VShell 2.1 also adds support for Public Key Assistant, which makes it secure and easy for end-users to transfer their public keys to the server with a click of the mouse. A limited number of password-only authentications can be offered to new users to connect securely to VShell and use the Public Key Assistant to transfer their public keys. Once the keys have been transferred, public-key authentication is automatically enforced.

To learn more about VShell 2.1, visit our web site:

Entunnel 1.0 (Official)
Securing e-mail and other apps just got simpler

Entunnel is the newest member of the VanDyke Software secure suite of products. Entunnel enables you to secure e-mail, schedules, and other non-secure data, combining simple, intuitive setup with the strong security of SSH2.

Entunnel is accessed directly from the Windows system tray, and can be set up to connect automatically at startup and reconnect if a network failure should occur. Entunnel also supports Public Key Assistant to make it easy for the Entunnel user to upload their public key to a server.

To learn more about Entunnel 1.0, visit our web site:

2. Tips - Automating File Transfers

The Command-Line Automation FAQ has proven to be one of the most popular resources on our web site. SecureFX 2.0 and AbsoluteFTP 2.0 and later releases include a command-line tool that allows automation of routine file transfer tasks using batch files or the Windows scheduling utility. The FAQ shows how to create command-line arguments, invoke named sessions from the command line, and more.

3. Current Releases

A complete list of VanDyke Software official and beta releases can be found on our web site:

Listed below are direct download links to the latest official versions of VanDyke Software products:

VShell 2.1
SecureCRT 3.4.6
SecureFX 2.0.3
Entunnel 1.0
CRT 3.4.6
AbsoluteFTP 2.0.3

Here are direct download links for the current beta releases of our products:

SecureCRT 4.0
SecureFX 2.1
CRT 4.0

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated at no cost for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and unlimited access to our expert technical support.

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4. Recommended Reading - Silk and Cyanide

This month's pick was suggested by Ben Gross, one of our subscribers. Ben is now the proud owner of a bright blue VanDyke Software T-shirt.

"Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War 1941-1945",
by Leo Marks
Publisher: Free Press; ISBN: 0684864223; (June 1999)

"I have read many books related to the history of cryptography over the last several years. While this
book is somewhat fictionalized, it is certainly among the best. It is also a great read aside from any
connection to cryptography."--Ben Gross

In The New York Times Book Review, David Stafford wrote: "....[a] spellbinding real-life thriller.... Marks is a natural storyteller who brilliantly links the highly technical issue of codes and ciphers to the fates of individual agents."

If you'd like to recommend a great book you've recently read, please submit your recommendation by e-mail to If we select your recommendation, we'll send you a gorgeous VanDyke Software T-shirt so be sure to specify your size -- L or XL).

Quote of the Month

"One of the great security lessons of the past few
years is that we're all connected. The security
of your network depends on the security of others,
and you have no control over their security."
--Bruce Schneier

Read Bruce Schneier's CryptoGram newsletter at

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