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Beta Product Releases

VanDyke Software products are tested in open beta release. Access to beta software allows you to test new features as well as verify the functionality and reliability of the software in your specific environment.

  • VanDyke VShell Server Logo

    VShell® 4.9 Server (Beta)

    Use public-key authentication with SFTP virtual roots.

    Test user’s access to virtual roots directly from the VShell Control Panel.

    Resize the VShell Control Panel.

  • VanDyke SecureCRT Logo

    SecureCRT® 9.4 (Beta)

    Dynamic color settings ensure that your SecureCRT and system settings are synchronized, so that you're always working in your preferred light or dark mode.

    On Windows, new Session Manager icons indicate the session protocol type, and RDP sessions can redirect audio, printers, clipboard, and keyboard shortcuts.

    Additionally, several frequently-used dialogs can be resized to make more content visible.

  • VanDyke SecureFX Logo

    SecureFX® 9.4 (Beta)

    On Windows, a system display theme ensures that the SecureFX application matches your preferred light or dark mode, and new Session Manager icons indicate the session protocol type.

    TLS compatibility has been improved for Windows 10/11 as well as FTPS, HTTPS, and servers using OpenSSL.

    Other improvements include enhanced certificate support and the ability to play a sound when a synchronization operation completes.

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