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... use the same secure remote access software on OS X, Linux and Windows.

...get a commercially supported UNIX Secure Shell server.

...have secure terminal
for my Mac OS X systems.

...replace nonsecure Telnet.

...replace nonsecure FTP.

...securely transfer files with simple drag and drop.



VanDyke Software products are tested in open beta release. Access to beta software allows you to test new features as well as verify the functionality and reliability of the software in your specific environment. Licensed users can use their license information for beta releases as part of their one year of free software updates.


SecureCRT 8.1 (beta 5) updates the UI on the Mac and Linux platforms with new toolbar icons and tab groups, which allow you to easily compare the output of two sessions, group related sessions, and switch easily between groups. New productivity enhancements include a hex view, new Command window options to send commands to tab groups or visible sessions, and the ability to add keywords using the right-click menu. Mac and Linux versions have improved smart card (PIV/CAC) support.



SecureFX 8.1 (beta 5) updates the UI for the Mac and adds new toolbar icons on the Mac and Linux platforms. Server-to-server synchronization adds the ability to synchronize files on two remote systems. With the "Synchronize File Browsing" option, navigate local and remote folders that have the same directory structure. Mac and Linux versions have improved smart card (PIV/CAC) support.


VanDyke ClientPack

VanDyke ClientPack 8.1 (beta 5) adds the ability to specify a password for keyboard-interactive authentication on the command line when using vsh, vcp, and vsftp for unattended jobs or file transfers. On Windows, vsh now has the ability to disable SSH2 port forwarding, and VRALib adds a new position property.