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A Monthly Newsletter – July/August 2005

Between covering for everyone's summer vacation, dealing with the air conditioner, and trying to take some time for yourself, it's probably hard to find time keep up to date on software news. So we hope to pique your interest with a chance to win a lifetime client application license of your choice—our way of saying a special thank you to our customers during our 10th anniversary. We also share a few items of interest in SecureCRT® 5.0 and SecureFX® 3.0, nothing too taxing. We pay special attention to file transfer details and keyboard shortcuts. And to get you more free time for reading or lying on the beach, just drink this GTD Kool-Aid—I mean, check out the latest Wired piece on the David Allen Getting Things Done productivity system.


1. VanDyke Software Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
2. Overview: SecureCRT 5.0 SFTP Tab Interface
2. Tip: Automating File Transfer With SecureFX & Windows Scheduler
3. Tip: SecureCRT 5.0 Accelerator Keys
4. Forum News: Beta Forum Transition
5. Summer Reading: Wired News On Getting Things Done
6. New and Current Releases

Online Resources

1. VanDyke Software Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

August 1, 1995, VanDyke Software (back then, Van Dyke Technologies) shipped CRT™ Beta 1. Much has changed over the last ten years, both for VanDyke and for the many companies and technologies that got their start in 1995: Netscape, Yahoo, RealNetworks,, Windows 95, mySQL, Java, and Secure Shell.

Whether you're evaluating our software or have been a customer for some or all of these ten years, we appreciate your feedback and support. To say thank you, we'll be giving away a VanDyke Software T-shirt every day, a free license (your choice of client application) each week, and a grand prize of a lifetime license for one of our client applications at the end of the month.

You can enter the drawings by joining our forums, or completing a quick entry form on our web site.

For fun anniversary trivia, here's a link to VanDyke's 1995 web site on the Wayback Machine:

Or, to reminisce about a few IT-related milestones of the last decade, visit CNET's top ten lists or Yahoo's Netrosepctive.

2. SecureCRT 5.0 SFTP Tab Interface

If you have been using Xmodem or Zmodem for SSH2 transfers, it might be time to move up to SFTP (assuming the server allows SFTP transfers). The new "Connect SFTP Tab" interface for SecureCRT 5.0 provides a quick way to get an SFTP connection to an open shell session without having to re-authenticate.

The SFTP tab is great for system administrators, web developers, or anyone comfortable with a command-line interface. In an active SSH2 session, right-click on the session tab and select "Connect SFTP Tab" from the menu. The keyboard accelerator for this command is ALT+P. This will open a new tab with a SFTP command line using the same transport as the current SSH2 session.

In addition to putting and getting files, the SFTP tab window lets you create, delete, and rename directories as well as make links. It also provides date/time stamping for logging and supports tab completion of command arguments. Unlike Xmodem and Zmodem, which download files to your download directory, the SFTP tab gives you greater control over which directories and subdirectories you want to transfer to or from, including the option to do recursive transfers. You can also specify initial local and remote SFTP directories on the SFTP tab page under SSH2 in the Session Options

Another advantage of SFTP tabs is that you can keep working in the terminal tab while the download/upload works. Zmodem and Xmodem both use your terminal window, so you have to wait until they complete the transfer. And unlike Xmodem, SFTP doesn't leave extra characters at the end of the file.

If you need advanced application transfer capabilities like drag and drop or file synchronization, SecureFX is the way to go. Short of that, grab an SFTP tab and get rolling!

Note: If you are a more advanced user or a system administrator, you might be interested in using escape sequences in combination with the SFTP tab, which gives you the ability to use relative paths. To see an example using the sftp-session escape sequence, go to:

3. Tip: Automating File Transfer With SecureFX & Windows Scheduler

Have you found yourself wishing that SecureFX had a scheduler? Well, since we "play well" with Windows Scheduler under Windows XP, 2003, and 2000, why not set up file transfer tasks using
the Scheduler and SFXCL, the SecureFX command-line utility? The tasks you can set up include logging onto a server to pull down a date-stamped log file, or running jobs that repeat every day or every week. You can call a script or enter a set of commands into Scheduler, or execute multiple commands from one Scheduler task.

Read more about how to use the Windows Scheduler with SFXCL on our website at:

4. Tip: SecureCRT 5.0 Accelerator Keys

Most of us have been using Windows long enough to know at least a few keyboard accelerators for our favorite applications. For those of you who prefer to keep your fingers on the keyboard, we thought we would review handy keystrokes in SecureCRT 5.0 (and CRT 5.0 in most cases).

CTRL+TAB is ubiquitous in Windows to cycle through active application windows and dialogs. In SecureCRT 5.0, CTRL+TAB takes you through multiple SecureCRT session tabs, while CTRL+SHIFT+TAB cycles backwards through the sessions.

Keying ALT+1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 0) allows you to jump directly to one of the first ten tabs.

CTRL+F4 closes the active tab.

ALT+P opens an SFTP tab using the active tab's session (if the active session is SSH2).

Finally, for the advanced user, the following is a list of keyboard menu functions that you can link to keystrokes using the Keymap Editor.

MENU_TAB_1 (through _10)

5. Forum News: Beta Forum Transition

Time marches on. Though you might have been holding onto that one last comment from previewing SecureCRT 5.0 or SecureFX 3.0, it should come as no surprise that the beta forum for the major upgrade cycle has been closed as of August 1.

Active beta forum threads have been moved to the Roadmap forum, where you can post feature requests and discuss issues related to the official releases.

5. Summer Reading: Wired News On Getting Things Done

Wired News posted a piece in July about widespread devotion to the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) time management methods invented by productivity evangelist David Allen. One of those interviewed
was VanDyke Software Marketing Manager Marc Orchant. "GTD: A New Cult for the Info Age" makes GTD sound, well, like a cult, though you can be sure that many a clear-eyed rationalist has found help
with his overflowing e-mail Inbox in Allen's ideas.

If you just want to read a description of how Getting Things Done works, the Wired sidebar "A Guide to Getting Things Done" is informative, and covers the software tools that some apply to GTD. If you're into hip buzzwords you'll like "life hacks", what the old school called productivity tips, with a life enhancement angle.

The article mentions online resources for time management that you might remember next time you're feeling desperate, like the 43 Folders site, But technology isn't everything.
The "Hipster PDA", a stack of 3x5 cards and a binder clip, might appeal to you Luddites. I experienced the ultimate in simplicity in a Home Depot: a guy saw my Palm device and said, "Here's mine," holding up the list he had inked on his own (very large) palm. Different strokes...

Wired News article

Sidebar: A Guide to Getting Things Done

43 Folders Site On Getting Things Done

6. New and Current Releases

Maintenance releases of SecureCRT 5.0.1, CRT 5.0.1, and SecureFX 3.0.1 were made available July 14, 2005 to address issues identified in the initial releases. New features for the major upgrade include tabbed windows in SecureCRT, multiple instances for SecureFX, and better integration of shell and file transfer applications.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 5.0.1
  SecureFX 3.0.1
  Entunnel™ 1.1.2
  CRT 5.0.1
  AbsoluteFTP® 2.2.10
  VShell 2.3.5 Server for Windows
  VShell 2.3.5 Server for UNIX
    Red Hat Linux 7.x
    Red Hat Linux 8.x
    Red Hat Linux 9.x
    Red Hat Enterprise v2.1/v3
    Solaris 8
    FreeBSD 4.8
    HP-UX 11
    Mac OS X 10.2
    AIX 4.3/5.2

To download any of the current releases, go to:

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and technical support.

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