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A Monthly Newsletter – February 2009

With a whole set of recent client beta releases, productivity enhancements are as thick as winter snow on the ground. The SecureFX® and SecureCRT® applications introduce new ways to power through session management. SecureFX adds powerful filtering for session synchronization and enhancements to authentication and firewall operations. SecureCRT gains several new logging options. The VanDyke ClientPack continues its drive to automation superiority with recursive deletion for vsftp and autoreconnect for vsh. And for our contribution to fighting winter, all client apps "go native!" (64-bit, that is).


1. SecureFX 6.2 Beta – Now With Filters for File Synch
2. Streamline Session Management in SecureCRT 6.2 Beta
3. VanDyke ClientPack 6.2 Beta Release Moves vsftp, vsh Forward
4. Now Available: 64-bit Native Software for All Clients
5. New And Current Releases

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1. SecureFX 6.2 Beta – Now With Filters for File Synch

The synchronization component of SecureFX has been evolving rapidly, and release 6.2 continues that trend. Adding to the synchronize database introduced in version 6.1, SecureFX now offers the ability to set include and exclude filters for a synchronize session. This means, for example, that you can upload only the graphics files for a website, or exclude .svn folders when you update source code files. Filters can be applied to specific files or file types.

Further file transfer enhancements are mutual authentication and the ability to set up FTP and FTP over SSL connections from behind a firewall that restricts port number usage.

Common session management capabilities continue to flatten your learning curve. SecureFX 6.2 supports modifying options for multiple sessions at the same time, resuming the same set of sessions that were open when you last ran SecureFX, smart-card authentication updates, and new public-key management options with the Activator.

Try synchronize filters and the rest of the new features for the SecureFX beta release – download your copy today.

2. Streamline Session Management in SecureCRT 6.2 Beta

One major difference between SecureCRT and the competition has always been its focus on easy customization and configurability. Not for gee-whiz value – always with an eye to eliminating repetitive steps and saving time for busy professionals. The latest beta release of SecureCRT 6.2, delivered February 17th, is no exception. This time our sharp knife trims fat off editing multiple sessions and expands capabilities for reconnecting previous sessions.

The leading timesaver for release 6.2 is the ability to edit multiple sessions at once. Select a range of sessions or session folders, right-click and select "Properties" from the context menu, then change any option from passwords to scripts to log settings. All changes you make are applied to all selected sessions; the first session selected in the range provides the base settings for the complete set.

Have to quit SecureCRT in a hurry? Get back to where you were more quickly with the option to automatically reconnect all sessions open the last time you ran SecureCRT. Network problem solvers will love the new ability to rotate log files nightly. You do this by setting a variable in the log file name to write to a new file daily. Your flexibility will increase as well with parameter substitutions in log file paths. Authentication becomes more flexible with new options for smart cards and new ways to manage public keys through the Activator.

To try any of the step-saving new features of SecureCRT 6.2, download your copy of the latest beta release today.

Flash! Version 6.2 Upgrade Eligibility

If you purchased a license for SecureCRT or SecureFX on or after January 1, 2008, you can upgrade to version 6.2 without charge. As always, all customers may evaluate any beta release without charge. If you are not covered by a company maintenance policy, you may purchase an upgrade license when you are ready by using this web purchase page.

VanDyke ClientPack 6.2 Beta Release Moves vsftp, vsh Forward

Task automation ratchets forward another step with the VanDyke ClientPack 6.2. New this cycle are vsftp commands that allow you to remove files and folders recursively and list hidden files or folders. A new vsh flag lets you automatically reconnect after being disconnected from the server.

Try the latest version of the VanDyke ClientPack today and see if you agree that it gives you a new level of control over your work life.

4. Now Available: 64-bit Native Software for All Clients

Demand has risen this past year for client applications to support PC workstations supplied with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. With the 6.2 beta releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and the VanDyke ClientPack, all current VanDyke Software products now offer versions that run natively on 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system for x64 processors. The native 64-bit clients join the VShell® server, our first product to offer native 64-bit Windows support in 2007 with version 3.0.

To use a 64-bit native version, just download and run the appropriate installer from the VanDyke Software website. If you have been running a 32-bit version of SecureCRT or SecureFX in compatibility mode, the conversion is transparent. All you have to do is install the new version. You may switch from one package to another provided you follow the provisions of the software license agreement. The same license key can activate any client installation type, whether the standard 32-bit, the new 64-bit, or the U3 USB flash drive versions.

To download a 64-bit version of SecureCRT, SecureFX, or the VanDyke ClientPack, visit the beta download section today.

4. New And Current Releases

New beta releases were made February 17, 2009 for SecureCRT 6.2, SecureFX 6.2, and ClientPack 6.2. SecureCRT 6.2 now lets you change log files nightly and use parameter substitution in log file paths. SecureFX 6.2 introduces include and exclude filters for file synchronization. The VanDyke ClientPack 6.2 provides new vsftp commands to remove files and folders recursively and list hidden files or folders. A new vsh flag lets you automatically reconnect after being disconnected from the server. Both the SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.2 releases streamline session management, allowing you to edit multiple sessions and reconnect sessions open the last time the application ran. Also new are authentication options for smart cards and Activator key management. All 6.2 client applications now offer a native 64-bit version for x64 processors.

The VShell 3.5 official release delivers three new editions that protect your FTP transfers with FTP over SSL. Also new are a Control Panel makeover, additional logging enhancements including W3C extended log file format, an internal user database, and a new remote exec RunAs capability.

SecureCRT 6.1 official extends your ability to customize workflow and automate routine tasks with new search, session management, and scripting capabilities. Also new are Connect dialog search, scripting enhancements, and more. The SecureFX 6.1 official version delivers a synchronize database, keyboard-interactive authentication enhancements, and context menu navigation to common folders.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 6.1.3
  SecureFX 6.1.3
  CRT 6.1.3
  VanDyke ClientPack 6.1.3
  VShell 3.5.2 Server for Windows
  VShell 3.5.2 Server for UNIX
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
     Solaris 10 (SPARC)
     Solaris 8 (SPARC)
     FreeBSD 7.0 (Intel x86)
     FreeBSD 6.1 (Intel x86)
     HP-UX 11
     Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel x86)
     Mac OS X 10.2
     AIX 5.3

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

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