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A Monthly Newsletter – November 2009

Close on the heels of the Microsoft Windows 7 launch, the beta releases of 6.5 versions of SecureCRT® and SecureFX® already support new taskbar features like previews and pinned icons. Regardless what version of Windows you have, the new look of tabs, visual themes, and other enhancements make the 6.5 releases more unified than ever. Read what beta users have to say below, and you might end up wanting to download a copy to see for yourself. We also have suggestions on how to install and evaluate beta releases, and a forum post on how to script keyword highlighting in the new beta version of SecureCRT. For a finale, we bring you the last chapter of the Scripting Essentials guide.


1. VanDyke Software Beta Releases: Ready for Windows 7!
2. User Feedback Strong for SecureFX, SecureCRT 6.5 Beta
3. Tips on Installing and Evaluating Beta Software
4. Heard on the Forums: Scripting Keyword Highlighting
5. Scripting Manual Ch. 8: Working with the Windows Clipboard
6. New and Current Releases

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1. VanDyke Software Beta Releases: Ready for Windows 7!

It's been said that our applications focus more on creating a stable, high-productivity toolset than following the latest trends in user interface design. That might be true – but not for beta releases of version 6.5. Before the new Microsoft Windows 7 release hit the streets October 22nd, we were testing beta versions with Windows 7 support. SecureCRT 6.5 and SecureFX 6.5 beta are ready for Windows 7, whether you decide to upgrade this month or next year.

Here are some of the supported capabilities:

    • Taskbar previews
    • Pinned icons
    • Taskbar icon jump lists

To learn more about Windows 7 capabilities in the 6.5 beta releases, visit the VanDyke Software beta product section.

2. User Feedback Strong for SecureFX, SecureCRT 6.5 Beta

Response from users of the first four beta releases of the SecureFX and SecureCRT 6.5 apps has been highly complimentary. Users especially appreciate the visual enhancements – the tabbed interface for SecureFX, the new tab and button bar look and feel in SecureCRT, and drag-and-drop transfers from Windows Explorer.

Here are a few of their comments to whet your appetite:

SecureFX 6.5 Beta Tabbed Interface, Themes

"I'd just like to say I LOVE the new interface! It 'feels' so much better and much more natural in today's multi-tasking environment. I also love the new blue and black themes."
-- Andy Shellam

SecureCRT 6.5 Beta Drag-and-drop ASCII Transfer

"I gotta say...I LIKE IT! Especially the menu allowing me to select the protocol to use."
-- Kurt Richter, KARco Hosting Services

Themes, Tabs, and Button Bar

"I really like the visual upgrades. I always appreciate a good facelift on one of my all-time favorite apps."
-- Bill Braughton, Network Engineer

To download your copy of any beta release, visit the Beta download section of our website.

Tips on Installing and Evaluating Beta Software

When you download the beta release of a VanDyke Software application that you're already using, you face a decision: install the beta to a separate directory, or have it install over the previous version.

The easiest way to evaluate a beta version is to install it directly over your existing software release – all you do is run the installer. Of course, it's always a good idea to back up the configuration folder before installing a new version. The installer locates the previous release, uses its directory for files, and preserves all your settings and sessions.

If after evaluating a beta release you decide not to upgrade right away, you can revert to your previous version: just download and install it right over the beta software. All sessions and settings will be preserved.

In case you need to download a specific installer, here is the VanDyke Software web page for previous software releases.

4. Heard on the Forums: Scripting Keyword Highlighting

Forum member stuartbr posted this inquiry: "I'm looking for the scripting functions for enabling and configuring session 'highlight keywords'". Keyword highlighting is the ability in the SecureCRT 6.5 beta release to process remote data in real time and highlight designated words in the session window. Access to this feature has been added to the "SessionConfiguration" scripting object.

The forum thread includes example scripts for determining the current configuration and changing keyword highlighting settings.

To read the complete thread, visit the VanDyke Software scripting forum.

To try real-time keyword highlighting for yourself, download the beta release of SecureCRT 6.5 now.

5. Scripting Manual Ch. 8: Working with the Windows Clipboard

After the meat and potatoes chapters on creating scripts, managing connections, manipulating data, user interaction, and reading and writing files, we come to the final chapter of this edition of the Scripting Essentials guide. Using the Windows Clipboard to store and retrieve text might be more of a "gravy" subject, but the ability to easily work with data from a variety of applications gives you a handy, powerful tool.

The chapter's scripting examples cover automatically saving command results to the Clipboard, and the nuances of setting the right "paste speed" and text format.

To read this chapter on scripting and the Clipboard, download the complete Scripting Essentials guide from the VanDyke Software website.

6. New and Current Releases

Beta 4 releases were made November 11 of the SecureCRT 6.5 and SecureFX 6.5 applications, along with the VShell® 3.6 server and VanDyke ClientPack 6.5 utilities. Here are some highlights of these releases:

VShell 3.6 server beta – limit access to SSH2 commands and services by public key, set environment variables via SSH2, audit vshelld events with Solaris BSM.

SecureCRT 6.5 beta – tab status indicator options, real-time keyword highlighting, drag-and-drop transfers from Windows Explorer, revised button bar.

SecureFX 6.5 beta – new tabbed main window, SCP transfer protocol support, parent folder ".." navigation.

ClientPack 6.5 beta – VRALib, a COM API for scripting SSH2 connections in Windows.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 6.2.3
  SecureFX 6.2.3
  CRT™ 6.1.4
  VanDyke ClientPack 6.2.3
  VShell 3.5.4 Server for Windows
  VShell 3.5.4 Server for UNIX
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
     Solaris 10 (SPARC)
     Solaris 8 (SPARC)
     FreeBSD 7.0 (Intel x86)
     FreeBSD 6.1 (Intel x86)
     HP-UX 11
     Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel x86)
     Mac OS X 10.2
     AIX 5.3

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

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