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A Monthly Newsletter – August 2010

The new Mac OS X version of SecureCRT® may not be the best-kept of secrets, but we do hope that when you try the beta release you will have a pleasant surprise. Our developers have made sure that the Mac version is fully capable in session management, terminal emulation, security, and automation. Of course, the Windows applications have also been upgraded, with SecureFX® receiving a parallel transfer setting and a bandwidth "throttle". You'll read about all the new features below, as well as some useful information from our user forums.


1. Anniversary Celebration – SecureCRT 6.6 Beta Adds Mac OS X!
2. SecureFX 6.6 Controls Transfer Bandwidth, Parallel Transfers
3. New Beta Releases of SecureCRT 6.6 for Windows and ClientPack
4. Heard on the Forums: Resuming a Group of Sessions
5. New and Current Releases

Online Resources

1. Anniversary Celebration – SecureCRT 6.6 Adds Mac OS X!

Fifteen years ago in August 1995, Jeff P. Van Dyke released his CRT™ terminal emulator just as Microsoft Windows 95 hit the market and the platform became viable for users on every level. With over a million licensed users and many advances since then, including SecureCRT with Secure Shell to protect user accounts and data, a similar opportunity has appeared with the resurgence of the Mac operating system.

Now system administrators and informed users want to run SecureCRT on a MacBook Pro to connect UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. With SecureCRT 6.6 for Mac OS X, you can start with a fully-capable secure terminal emulator that builds on those fifteen years of hard-won expertise. You probably are familiar with the range of SecureCRT capabilities that the Mac OS X version comes with:

    • Support for SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, serial, and SFTP protocols
    • Customize sessions with emulations, colors, keymaps and more
    • Use tabs to launch, track, and manage sessions
    • Map keys and buttons to commands and scripts
    • Track events and history with session logging
    • Maximize productivity with automation tools like the button bar and scripting

There are brand-new capabilities in the 6.6 release as well. You can now use Python scripting to develop cross-platform scripts to run on both Mac OS X and Windows versions. SecureCRT for Mac OS X also introduces a feature unique to this platform: run a local command shell in a SecureCRT terminal window.

Sessions and configuration files can be shared between Mac and Windows versions to keep multiple installations of SecureCRT synchronized.

But you don't have to believe us: listen to some of the users who have already tried SecureCRT for Mac OS X.

"The ability to save, edit, and easily load sessions makes SecureCRT a significant improvement over the Mac OS X Terminal."
           – Gary A. Donohue, author of O'Reilly Media's "Network Warrior"

"I now use SecureCRT to manage my local system using the command shell option.  I run SecureCRT on both my Mac primary and Vista Windows machine – the interface is the same, you can forget what version you are working on."
           – John Cassell, Product Support Engineer

Chris Schoenfeld at, a longtime SecureCRT user, posted a brief write-up on the beta release, saying, "In just minutes I had configurations for all my servers up and running
which took me an afternoon in Terminal – and it works better to boot."

You can read the full write-up here.

Download the SecureCRT for Mac OS X beta release today!

2. SecureFX 6.6 Controls Transfer Bandwidth, Parallel Transfers

SecureFX 6.6, just released in beta 2, gives you greater control over transfer bandwidth and parallel file transfers. A new "throttle" setting allows you to limit bandwidth so that transfers do not consume all of your available bandwidth. On the same Options page, you may also set the number of parallel transfers allowed so that new files continually fill the number of slots available.

These two options allow you to optimize SecureFX for a wide range of uses and network connection speeds. If you are on a dialup connection, you would use all the bandwidth and
transfer files one at a time. On a fast network, limiting bandwidth lets you transfer multiple files in parallel while still retaining "headroom" to work on other tasks.

For more information on the SecureFX 6.6 beta release, visit our beta product section.

You can also download the SecureFX 6.6 beta for evaluation today.

New Beta Releases of SecureCRT 6.6 for Windows and ClientPack

With all the news about the Mac OS X platform, you'll be glad to know that we paid attention to the Windows versions too.

The SecureCRT 6.6 for Windows beta release introduces scripting with Python, adds a "Send Binary" file transfer mode, and automatically generates a unique log file name for cloned sessions and SFTP tabs.

VanDyke ClientPack 6.6 beta improves VRALib with added support for overwrite flags, and the vsftp utility gains the ability to rename (move) local files.

To learn more about the SecureCRT and ClientPack 6.6 releases, and to download your evaluation copy, visit our website today.

4. Heard on the Forums: Resuming a Group of Sessions

Forum member cbbs70a asked for help in returning to the latest version of sessions he uses in SecureCRT. He says, "I normally open SecureCRT and log into one of my servers at least a dozen times in different directories, renaming the tabs, etc. Is it possible to save all these open windows when I exit such that I can open them all again as a single profile and not have to open each window and set it manually?"

Brenda Gagnon from VanDyke Software Support outlines how to open multiple sessions at once, with suggestions on configuring sessions and placing them in a "My Startup" folder to use as the SecureCRT "auto session".

Read the complete forum thread here.

The VanDyke Support website has several tips relating to this subject. In case you were on vacation in June, the most recent issue of the newsletter covered Support tips for managing multiple connections. You can find the link to all recent newsletters here.

5. New and Current Releases

Beta Releases:

On August 3 we introduced SecureCRT 6.6 beta 1 for Windows and the Mac OS X platform, SecureFX 6.6 beta 1, and ClientPack beta 1.  Beta 2 releases of all applications were made August 17.

The SecureCRT 6.6 release offers cross-platform scripting with Python and a "Send Binary" file transfer option. The first version for Mac OS X systems delivers a full complement of advanced session management, security, terminal emulation, and automation capabilities.

SecureFX 6.6 adds the ability to limit bandwidth available to transfers and an option to set the number of parallel transfers allowed.  ClientPack 6.6 improves the VRALib interface for COM
and .NET applications.

Official Releases:

Maintenance releases were made on August 10 of SecureCRT 6.5.4, SecureFX 6.5.4, and ClientPack 6.5.4, as well as the VShell® server 3.6.4, to address issues identified in previous versions.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 6.5.4
  SecureFX 6.5.4
  VanDyke ClientPack 6.5.4
  VShell 3.6.4 Server for Windows
  VShell 3.6.4 Server for UNIX
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
     Solaris 10 (SPARC)
     Solaris 8 (SPARC)
     FreeBSD 7.0 (Intel x86)
     FreeBSD 6.1 (Intel x86)
     HP-UX 11
     Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel x86)
     Mac OS X 10.2
     AIX 5.3

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

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