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A Monthly Newsletter – May 2011

This month's news brings you release candidates for 6.7 versions of SecureCRT(R), SecureFX(R), and ClientPack, as well as the 3.8 version of VShell(R).  Next, results are in from this year's "What Keeps You Up at Night?" survey.  We also have two articles discussing how to capitalize on recently introduced VShell capabilities, plus a useful forum post.


1. Release Candidates Available!
2. Fine-Grained Control of Virtual Root Permissions in VShell
3. Tip: Scan Disk Usage Remotely Using VShell and VRALib
4. Survey Results: "What Keeps You Up At Night?" 2011
5. Heard on the Forums: Dynamic Answerback in SecureCRT
6. New and Current Releases

Online Resources

1. Release Candidates Available!

With official releases right around the corner, release candidates are now available for the 6.7 versions of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and ClientPack, as well as the 3.8 version of VShell.

SecureCRT 6.7 release introduces a Linux version and improves productivity with a "Connect" bar and button bar enhancements.

VShell 3.8 increases the network administrator's fine-grained control with a real-time connection monitor and improvements to virtual root directories.

SecureFX 6.7 saves time with directory bookmarks and a"Connect" bar.

You still have time to send your feature and change requests to the VanDyke development group, so e-mail your feedback today to

You can also send us feedback and get your questions answered on the VanDyke Software forums:

Download the release candidates today!

2. Fine-Grained Control of Virtual Root Permissions in VShell

Starting with version 3.8, VShell for Windows has increased control over user access, with the ability to set specific file operation permissions on virtual root folders for individual users and groups.  The administrator can now allow or deny file operations (upload, download, delete) and folder operations (list, create, delete).  Permissions can be set on a per-user/group, per-virtual root basis.

To read the complete tip on managing virtual permissions, visit the Support section of the VanDyke Software website.

Tip: Scan Disk Usage Remotely Using VShell and VRALib

Recent developments provide a new way to determine the current disk usage on remote machines running VShell 3.8 for Windows or newer releases.  This benefits the system administrator who needs an easy way to monitor drive space on remote systems without physically visiting each machine.  The method uses the VRALib COM and .NET interface, version 6.7 or later.  VRALib is included with the Windows versions of both our VShell and ClientPack products.  A sample VBScript is provided in the online tip.

To read the tip on scanning remote disk usage, visit the Support web pages.

Survey Results: "What Keeps You Up At Night?" 2011

The results of our April 2011 survey of 364 network and systems administrators are in.  This year, workplace use of social media continues to be a security issue.  Cloud computing and the finance/budget environment are also areas of significant concern.

The following are some of the highlights of survey results.

Social media

    • Forty-two percent of 2011 respondents said they were moderately to extremely concerned about the security threat associated with employee use of social media.  Their top concerns are viruses, data/information leaks, and intrusion risk (19% each).
    • Only about half (49%) of network administrators were satisfied with the security of handheld devices at their organization - down from 57% in 2010.
    • Twenty-one percent mentioned "time wasted" as a primary concern.

Cloud Computing

    • Twenty-two percent had adopted cloud computing in 2011 compared to 15% in 2010.
    • Less than half of those who have adopted cloud computingrated it very secure.

Budgets and Financial

    • Only 15% in 2011 saw any decrease in their IT security budget, compared to 33% in 2009 and 20% in 2010.
    • A significant number of sysadmins (26%) noticed reduced state and local government spending in their company's business area.

Read more about the 2011 survey in press releases on our website:

5. Heard on the Forums: Dynamic Answerback in SecureCRT

Host applications use the answerback command to query the local system for information.  SecureCRT can be configured to respond with a specified answerback message.  Beginning with version 6.0, SecureCRT offers more than a dozen dynamically generated parameters for answerback, including IP address, machine name, and login name.

To read more about dynamic answerback in SecureCRT, visit the VanDyke Software forums today.

6. New and Current Releases

Maintenance releases of SecureCRT 6.6.3, SecureFX 6.6.3, VShell 3.6.6, and ClientPack 6.6.3 were made available April 26.  For more information please consult the release history on the VanDyke Software download website.

Beta 5 releases of the VShell 3.8 server, SecureCRT 6.7 and SecureFX 6.7 applications, and the ClientPack 6.7 utilities were made available May 17.

VShell 3.8 server increases administrator control with a real-time connection monitoring tool, the ability to set virtual root file and folder access permissions, and auto-creation of virtual root paths.

SecureCRT 6.7 delivers a Linux version for Ubuntu and Red Hat, a "Connect" bar, Python support in the script recorder, and improvements to the button bar.

SecureFX 6.7 helps you save time by adding directory bookmarks, a "Connect" bar, and logical sorting in the"Connect" dialog.

VanDyke ClientPack 6.7 features VRALib enhancements with new time-out flags, a shell function, and remote execute properties.

Here is a list of the latest official product releases:

  SecureCRT 6.6.3
  SecureFX 6.6.3
  VanDyke ClientPack 6.6.3
  VShell 3.6.6 Server for Windows
  VShell 3.6.6 Server for UNIX
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
     Solaris 10 (SPARC)
     Solaris 8 (SPARC)
     FreeBSD 7.0 (Intel x86)
     FreeBSD 6.1 (Intel x86)
     HP-UX 11
     Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel x86)
     Mac OS X 10.2
     AIX 5.3

To download any of the current or previous releases, go to:

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

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