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A Monthly Newsletter – October 2011

In the "Bringing terminal emulation into the 21st century" department, we lead off with information on SecureCRT® mouse support for common editors like vi or emacs. From there we provide an overview of documentation available for scripting objects, followed by a forum post on using WaitForString() and a call for testers on several new file transfer capabilities in the SecureFX® client.


1. Tip: Mouse support for vi, vim, and emacs in SecureCRT
2. Scripting Corner: Documentation on Objects and Methods
3. Heard on the Forums: The WaitForString() Method Applied
4. Call for Testers: SecureFX Synchronize, Other Enhancements
5. New and Current Releases

Online Resources

1. Tip: Mouse Support for vi, vim, and emacs in SecureCRT

If supported by the remote application, the mouse can be used to position the cursor within the SecureCRT emulation window. Using the mouse with remote applications such as vi/vim or emacs takes some simple setup of SecureCRT and the remote editor/application to handle Xterm escape sequences.

To read the complete tip, visit the VanDyke Software website Support section.

2. Scripting Corner: Documentation on Objects and Methods

If you want to start scripting in SecureCRT, you need basic reference documentation on scripting objects.  To start off, look at the application Help files.  The topic Script Object Reference is your starting point in the Scripting section. Here you will find a list of all objects, methods, and properties in the SecureCRT API.  Small code samples are included.

You can go to SecureCRT Help from the application Help menu or via the Help icon in the Start menu program group for SecureCRT.

A variety of example scripts written in Python and VBScript are included with the standard SecureCRT installation.  These example scripts are available in the Scripts folder found in the SecureCRT program files location.

Along with the Script Object Reference you can also consult the "Scripting Essentials" guide found in the Support section of our website, which steps you through the basics of VBScript programming for SecureCRT.  Applied concepts include making remote connections, sending and receiving data, controlling the user interface, logging, and reading and writing files.

Here is a link to the online "Scripting Essentials" guide.

3. Heard on the Forums: The
WaitForString() Method Applied

Not long ago, forum member kryten inquired about SecureCRT scripting behavior he didn't understand, "Mostly due to WaitForString() not 'firing' when I think it should."  The explanation from Todd in VanDyke Software Support turns on understanding that WaitForString()can act only on data incoming in real time.  As Todd writes, "Data processed during a WaitForString() call is no longer available to subsequent WaitForString() calls because it has already been processed displayed to the screen)."  From forum posts, it's clear that even long-time VBScript programmers were not fully aware of this subtlety.

To read the complete forum thread on WaitForString(), visit the VanDyke Software forums today.

Call for Testers: SecureFX Synchronize, Other Enhancements

VanDyke Software is looking for volunteers to provide feedback on enhancements to the SecureFX file transfer application.

    • The Synchronize file list automatically refreshes after synchronizing when changes are made to local system files, allowing files to be re-synchronized without having to close the Synchronize view.
    • The Synchronize view adds a refresh button, allowing files to be re-synchronized after the initial synchronization.
    • The Synchronize view now displays current status and last action columns.
    • Added a session toolbar filter control with wildcards, making it easier to find specific folders and files in sessions.
    • Bookmarks can now be opened directly from the right-click menu in local and remote sessions.

If you would like to test any of the above features in SecureFX, please send e-mail to Product Director Maureen Jett at .

5. New and Current Releases

Official releases of all VanDyke Software products, including the VShell 3.8.2 server, SecureCRT 6.7.2, SecureFX 6.7.2, and ClientPack version 6.7.2 were made available August 11th.

The following is a list of the latest official product releases:

   SecureCRT 6.7.2
   SecureFX 6.7.2
   VanDyke ClientPack 6.7.2
   VShell® 3.8.2 Server

To download any of the current or previous releases, go to:

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

For a list of supported platforms, visit the Systems Requirements page.

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