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A Monthly Newsletter – January 2012

Welcome to a new year! This issue of "News You Can Use" is so full of technical advice that it might just "tip" over! Start off by taking control of display color in SecureCRT®. Then save time and shoe leather by learning how to install applications remotely with VShell®. And you can learn how to increase your system and network security with public-key authentication. Our featured forum post reminds you how to capitalize on startup options for opening multiple session tabs.


1. Tip: Overview of Color Configuration in SecureCRT
2. Tip: Using VShell to Install Software Remotely
3. Tip: Using Public-Key Authentication in Secure Shell
4. Heard on the Forums: Opening Multiple Tabs at Startup
5. New and Current Releases

Online Resources

1. Tip: Overview of Color Configuration in SecureCRT

For some host applications, you need to modify the default color display, whether because the text colors are hard to see, background hues are too bright, or some other reason. To protect against sore eyes, our Support staff wrote a new web tip on emulation display color in SecureCRT.

This tip not only reviews color scheme settings, it also discusses how to use ANSI color settings to customize emulation display. Best of all, a Q&A section helps you apply color settings to a variety of common situations such as defining a new default color scheme for all sessions, or trouble-shooting applications that don't display in color.

To read more about configuring color settings in SecureCRT, visit the online tip on the support section of the VanDyke Software website.

2. Tip: Using VShell to Install Software Remotely

A second new tip outlines how to install or update software on remote machines that run the VanDyke Software VShell server. Remote installation can save you the time and effort of physically going to each machine, and allow you to automate software installations and updates. Examples are given for the SecureCRT client and a Flash Player update.

Learn more about remote installation with VShell today.

Tip: Using Public-Key Authentication in Secure Shell

Our third technical treatise this month gives an overview of public-key authentication for users of SecureCRT and SecureFX®. It explains how to generate and upload keys to the Secure Shell server, and how to configure SecureCRT and SecureFX clients: information you can use to increase your authentication security.

The complete overview of public-key authentication may be found on the VanDyke Software website.

Heard on the Forums: Opening Multiple Tabs at Startup

Revisiting an older thread on how to open multiple SecureCRT tabs at startup, forum member emailsbecker recently asked how to open multiple sessions after connecting to one or more network "bastion" servers (a hardened system that protects the rest of the network). Mike from VanDyke Software Support points out that as of SecureCRT 6.1, the auto session capability extends to multiple sessions. He also mentions using SecureCRT as a SOCKS proxy, which allows successive sessions to connect through the proxy to the destination.

To read the complete forum thread, visit the VanDyke Software forum site today.

5. New and Current Releases

Maintenance releases were made November 8th to address issues identified in previous releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, the VShell server, and the ClientPack utilities. The VShell server added RHEL 6.0 and Ubuntu 11 support, while SecureCRT for Mac now supports Mac OS X 10.7 or "Lion".

The following is a list of the latest official product releases:

   SecureCRT 6.7.3
   SecureFX 6.7.3
   VanDyke ClientPack 6.7.3
   VShell® 3.8.3 Server

To download any of the current or previous releases, go to:

All VanDyke Software products may be downloaded and evaluated free for 30 days. Licenses include one year of free upgrades and access to our expert technical support. Licenses for three years of upgrades and support are also available.

For a list of supported platforms, visit the Systems Requirements page.

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