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Publication of the News You Can Use newsletter ended December 2012.

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On What's New you will find information on beta and official releases, invitations to test new features, tips and how tos, alerts for important security issues and practices, and much more.

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2012 Newsletters


1. From Feature Request to Release: Early Feedback is Key
2. Revisiting Top Tips of 2012
3. Tip: Get Ready to Use VShell Connection Filters
4. Call for Testers: SecureFX for Mac OS X and Linux
5. Call for testers: SecureCRT Kermit Support
6. New and Current Releases


1. VShell 3.9 Official Release Delivers FTPS for UNIX
2. Video Tip: SecureCRT Button Bar Demo on YouTube
3. Technical Resources: The SecureCRT Chat Window
4. Heard on the Forums: Cloning Sessions
5. Call for Testers: SecureFX(R) for Mac OS X
6. Call for Testers: SecureCRT with Kermit Support
7. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: Moving Tabs in SecureCRT
2. Tip: Increase Productivity with the SecureCRT Button Bar
3. Call for Testers: SecureCRT "All Tabs" Button Command
4. Call for Testers: SecureCRT Wait for Line Prompt
5. New and Current Releases


1. Release of VShell 3.9 FTPS server for UNIX Beta 1
2. SecureCRT 7.0 for Mac Now Supports OS X Mountain Lion
3. Call for Testers: SecureCRT for Windows Wyse Label Line
4. Heard on the Forums: Exporting a List of Hostnames
5. Tip: Public-Key Authentication with Agent Forwarding
6. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: Echo Flow Control in SecureCRT
2. Tip: Backing Up Settings in SecureCRT and SecureFX
3. Heard on the Forums: Script to Open Current Log File
4. New and Current Releases


1. SecureCRT 7.0 Official: Session Tiling Aids Device Control
2. Find Files Quickly with Filters in SecureFX 7.0 Official
3. ClientPack 7.0 Official Focuses on VRALib API
4. Overview of Tiling in SecureCRT 7.0
5. Overview of Filtering in SecureFX 7.0
6. New and Current Releases


1. SecureCRT 7.0 Beta: Save Time with Session Tiling
2. SecureFX 7.0 Beta: Filter View Helps Find Files Faster
3. ClientPack 7.0 Beta: Expanded VRALib API
4. Tip: SecureCRT Chat Window Sends Commands to Multiple Sessions
5. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: The Default Session and Changing Multiple Sessions
2. Scripting Corner: New Thread for Example Scripts
3. Tip: Use Google for Deeper Forum Search
4. Heard On the Forums: Importing a Putty Session Database
5. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: The SFXCL Command-line Utility Explained
2. Tip: Lock Down File Access with VShell Virtual Roots
3. Call for Testers: SecureCRT Tiled Sessions
4. Call for Testers: VShell for FTPS, Now on UNIX
5. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: SFXCL /List Workaround Checks for Remote Files
2. Tip: SSH Agent Forwarding with SecureCRT
3. Call for Testers: VShell for FTPS now on UNIX
4. Heard on the Forums: Convert Spaces to Tabs in SecureCRT
5. New and Current Releases


1. Tip: Overview of Color Configuration in SecureCRT
2. Tip: Using VShell to Install Software Remotely
3. Tip: Using Public-Key Authentication in Secure Shell
4. Heard on the Forums: Opening Multiple Tabs at Startup
5. New and Current Releases

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Customer Testimonials

  • "Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."

    —Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

  • "I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."

    —Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

  • "Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence!"

    —Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

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