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SecureCRT® client for Windows, Mac, and Linux combines rock-solid terminal emulation with the strong encryption, broad range of authentication options, and data integrity of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol for secure network administration and end user access.

This software is subject to export control and may be transmitted, exported, or re-exported only under applicable export laws and restrictions and regulations of the United States Bureau of Industry and Security or foreign agencies or authorities. By downloading or using the software, you are agreeing to comply with export controls.

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SecureCRT 6.7.5
  Windows Platforms: Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, Server 2003, XP
  Date: April 19, 2012

Standard 32-bit Windows PC Installer
 Version Filename Size
 SecureCRT 6.7.5 (non-integrated) scrt675-x86.exe 15.5 MB
 SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.7.5 (integrated) * scrt_sfx675-x86.exe 17.5 MB
Standard 64-bit (x64) Windows PC Installer
 Version Filename Size
 SecureCRT 6.7.5 (non-integrated) scrt675-x64.exe 16.5 MB
 SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.7.5 (integrated) * scrt_sfx675-x64.exe 18.6 MB
Windows U3 USB Flash Drive Installer
 Version Filename Size
 SecureCRT 6.7.5 (non-integrated) scrt675_u3.exe 14.6 MB
 SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.7.5 (integrated) * scrt_sfx675_u3.exe 17.0 MB
Mac OS X (Intel x86)
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.osx_x86.dmg 9.4 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 9.4 MB
Ubuntu 11.x and 12.04 32-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.ubuntu11.i386.deb 8.7 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.8 MB
Ubuntu 11.x 12.04 64-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.ubuntu11-64.x86_64.deb 8.5 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.6 MB
Ubuntu 10.x 32-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.ubuntu.i386.deb 8.6 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.7 MB
Ubuntu 10.x 64-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.ubuntu-64.x86_64.deb 8.6 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.6 MB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 32-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.rhel6.i386.rpm 8.4 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.5 MB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 64-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.rhel6-64.x86_64.rpm 8.3 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.4 MB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 32-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.rhel55.i386.rpm 8.5 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.6 MB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 64-bit
 Version Filename Size
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt-6.7.5-411.rhel55-64.x86_64.rpm 8.5 MB
SecureCRT 6.7.5 scrt- 8.6 MB

* The integrated installer is required for settings to be shared between SecureCRT and SecureFX. The non-integrated installer does not support integration with SecureFX.

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