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I need to update my VanDyke software

I need to update my VanDyke software

If you purchased your VanDyke Software license less than one year ago, you can download a free update to the latest official release. A beta release for your product may be available.

Version Date  
VShell® 4.4 August 14, 2018
SecureCRT® 8.5 August 28, 2018
SecureFX® 8.5 August 28, 2018
VanDyke Software ClientPack 8.5 August 28, 2018
CRT™ 6.1.4 February 24, 2009
AbsoluteFTP® 2.2.10 May 5, 2005

If it has been more than one year since you purchased your VanDyke Software license, or if you purchased a multiple-year license, please see the following update eligibility pages.

Update older VShell Server to current VShell Server
Update older SecureCRT to current SecureCRT
Update older SecureFX to current SecureFX
Update older VanDyke ClientPack to current ClientPack

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