Generate/VShellIcon.gif  RADIUS Category

The RADIUS category allows you to configure settings for connecting to a RADIUS server.

Authentication order

This specifies the order in which you are prompted for Windows and RADIUS passwords, or if you are only prompted for a RADIUS password. If you chose RADIUS Only, you may not have access to some Windows domain resources until additional authentication methods have been used.

Shared secret

This is the RADIUS password. It is stored in encrypted form in the registry.

NAS address

This is a "Network Access Server" address, and typically is the address of the VShell server itself, which acts as its own NAS to conduct RADIUS transactions. In some complex environments, it may be necessary or desirable to use an external NAS, which can be specified here. The default value is the "localhost" address.

NAS port

This is the port on the "Network Access Server" that VShell uses to conduct RADIUS transactions. Unless a third-party or external NAS is being used, this can be left at the default value. The default is the "localhost" port 3.

Server address

This is the address on which the RADIUS server resides.

Server port

This is the port on which the RADIUS server resides.

Number of retries

This is the number of retry attempts that VShell will make before giving up on the connection.

Retry timeout

This is the number of seconds to wait between connection retries.