Generate/VShellIcon.gif  User / Group Category

The User/Group category allows you to apply subconfigurations on a per user or per group basis. Subconfigurations can be used to override server settings for connections from a specific user or group. Supported server settings specified in a subconfiguration will replace the current settings given in a location subconfiguration or in the VShell Control Panel.

When a user authenticates, VShell reviews its User/Group subconfiguration list to see if that user appears on the list. The server compares the user with the top User/Group entry and then goes down the list to the lowest entry. If the user or group matches a User/Group entry, that subconfiguration is applied and takes precedence over any location subconfiguration as well as over the VShell default configuration; the rest of the User/Group list is ignored. An empty list will mean that any applied location subconfiguration or the VShell default configuration will be used.

Note: When a subconfiguration is applied, only settings specified in the subconfiguration are overridden. Settings that are not specifically changed retain their current value.


This list displays the available subconfigurations. Each subconfiguration corresponds to a User/Group list entry (see below). Users will not be able to access subconfigurations unless specifically granted access to that subconfiguration.

User/Group List

This list displays the users and/or groups that have been granted access to subconfigurations listed above.

Add and Edit Buttons

The Add and Edit buttons open the User/Group Subconfiguration dialog where you can add or remove users and groups assigned to the subconfiguration. Changes made to the subconfiguration will not take effect until you press the OK button.