VShell® Server for Windows and UNIX

Whether your needs focus on remote access and administration or secure file transfer, the VShell server has a full range of capabilities.

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VShell® Server - Key Benefits

Whether your needs focus on remote access and administration or secure file transfer, the VShell server has a full range of capabilities that enable you to:

Provide strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit

The Secure Shell protocol (and available FTP over TLS) delivers proven, open-standard authentication, encryption, and data integrity to allow you to provide a wide range of services to your organization with confidence.

  • Secure Shell is an accepted standard for remote system administration, as SFTP is for secure file transfer
  • VShell focuses on saving valuable administrator time, from initial setup to configuration and task automation
  • VT220 emulation provides screen rendering and keyboard control of command shells and other applications
  • User authentication offers a range of options including public-key, Kerberos, and two-factor methods

Control user access to features and files

VShell gives you extensive controls to manage privileges for shell, file transfer, and other services.

  • Define which Secure Shell services – shell, SFTP, SCP, FTP/TLS, port forwarding – are granted to users or groups with VShell Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Using the virtual root directory feature, administrators can define multiple directory access points for different groups or individual users
  • VShell for UNIX includes the ChrootUsers and ChrootGroups options to restrict entities to their home directories for shell access, file transfer, or remote command execution

Set up and configure the server easily

VShell installs and runs right "out of the box". Windows configuration is made easy by the graphical control panel. All platforms support remote configuration. Advanced installation options facilitate large-scale deployment.

  • The Windows control panel offers easy graphical configuration from initial setup to selecting access control lists and stopping and starting services
  • Remote configuration is available for Windows, Linux, and UNIX versions
  • Installation and setup choices include silent/unattended installation, answer files, and customized installers with special defaults, preconfigured settings, and included files (for qualifying purchases)

Monitor and log events with automation support

One key way to increase admin productivity is to provide all possible automation support. The VShell server does this with a combination of event trigger conditions, remote command execution, and command-line utilities.

  • VShell automation triggers help you track and respond to events like failed logon attempts and uploaded files
  • The RunAs Commands feature lets the administrator allow less privileged users to use certain commands or scripts that require elevated privileges
  • A set of command-line utilities facilitate automation by filling in gaps between VShell and standard operating system tools. Detailed information on the command-line utilities is available on the VanDyke ClientPack product page

Tune licensing to your requirements with connection-based editions

VShell offers cost-effective licensing options based on the number of concurrent client connections you need.  Our comprehensive support program includes expert technical support and regular maintenance releases.

  • Choose your VShell license based on the maximum number of clients that need to connect at the same time:
    • Administrator edition for up to 2 concurrent connections
    • Workgroup edition for up to 10 concurrent connections
    • Enterprise edition for unlimited connections
  • For those organizations needing to offer file transfer based on existing TLS encryption, there are FTPS editions of the Administrator, Workgroup, and Enterprise servers
  • VanDyke Software Support provides comprehensive technical support, including pre-sales evaluation, consultation for installation and configuration issues, and support of maintenance and upgrade software
  • VanDyke Sales is ready to help you work out licensing issues for the most complex deployment plans