Payment Methods

Payment Methods

For fastest delivery we recommend purchasing licenses online with credit card payment through VanDyke's secure server. If you would like to arrange payment other than through an online credit card order, you have several alternatives.

Credit Card

In addition to online credit card orders, you can order with a credit card by fax and postal mail as well as by phone. To place a phone order direct to VanDyke, call 505-332-5710.

Purchase Order

For orders over $250 from corporate buyers or educational institutions, purchase orders may be arranged. For more information please see the Purchase Orders page.

Wire Transfer

Payment by wire transfer in U.S. funds direct to VanDyke Software can be arranged by contacting VanDyke Sales. Please notify us in advance before initiating wire transfers.

Bank Check

If you would like to pay by personal or company check, you can send in your order by postal mail.