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Secure File Transfer


Data delivery over the Internet can be simple, convenient, and cost-effective - but it must also be secure. Traditional file transfer methods do not provide adequate security, transmitting account information like user names, passwords, and data in the clear where they can be easily intercepted. The current version of Secure Shell (SSH2) provides a secure alternative. This paper explains the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and presents specific applications for system administration, finance, health care, and business-to-business. VanDyke Software clients and servers provide secure file transfer capabilities for Windows and are interoperable with SSH software on other platforms.


Table Of Contents

Transferring Files Safely With Secure Shell
Secure Shell Safeguards File Transfer
Traditional Methods Provide Inadequate Security
Secure FTP is a Better Answer
Secure File Transfer in System Administration
Secure File Transfer for Business-to-Business
Secure File Transfer Between Financial Institutions
Secure File Transfer in Healthcare
VanDyke's Solutions for Secure File Transfer

About the Author: Lisa Phifer is vice president of Core Competence, Inc. , a consulting firm specializing in network security and management technology. Core Competence produces The Internet Security Conference (TISC), an annual symposium for network security professionals. Phifer has been involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of data communications, internetworking, security, and network management products for nearly 20 years. She teaches about virtual private networking at industry conferences and has written extensively about a wide variety of network infrastructure, access, and security technologies.