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SecureCRT® Logon Options

SecureCRT provides several options for system logon that allow you to control the logging on process or your initial session window state. These are options to log on through the terminal window, to run scripts at logon, and expect-send capabilities.

For Secure Shell sessions, you can log on entirely through the terminal window, rather than have a popup window appear to input passwords or passphrases. To do this, select the option Display logon prompts in terminal window found in the Logon Actions category of Session Options.

Screenshot showing Session Options Logon Actions

Scripts can be run in SecureCRT during the logon process, which means, for instance, that you can turn on the script recorder, go through your logon steps, stop recording, and have a quick, reusable script. The option is configured using the Logon script panel on the Logon Actions category.

Screenshot showing how to configure the Automate logon option

For those who use expect-send strings to control their logon or terminal environment, any number of sequences can be specified and sequences can be reordered. This method is preferred by some because it requires no scripting knowledge. Note that normally your logon expect string is the logon prompt. To make sure that your expect string works every time, include only the characters that are always the same (some prompts include such things as counters and pathnames).

Possible applications of scripts and expect-send sequences are to configure a remote session, to quickly initiate server "hops", or to provide an alternative to a UNIX/Linux dot file, as might be needed for logging on to a router.

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