Can I use public-key authentication with SFXCL?

Yes. The identity file can be specified on the command line using the /I option, or you can configure a named session which uses public-key authentication in SecureFX® for Windows. Then, specify this session on the command line as shown in the examples below.

Download from remote host:

SFXCL /s <session path> <source path> <destination path>

Upload to remote host:

SFXCL <source path> /s <session path> <destination path>

For instance, the following command line would upload all of the files and folders in the "My Documents" folder to the specified server using public-key authentication. This is assuming the session named "SecureWork", which resides in the folder "My Sessions", has been configured to use public key:

SFXCL "C:\My Documents" /s "/My Sessions/SecureWork" /usr/username/mdocs

Note: If the identity file associated with this session requires a passphrase, SFXCL will prompt for it during authentication. If SFXCL must be run in unattended mode, the passphrase can be specified using the /P command-line option, although this is not considered a best security practice.

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