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Using the Connect Bar

Note: This tip is for use with SecureFX® and SecureCRT® versions 6.7 and later.

On the surface, the Connect bar, new in SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.7, is pretty straightforward. Enter a hostname, press the ENTER key and the current session window switches to that host.  Adventurous users will find much more there than that. You can use session names, switch protocols, specify ports, and more.

The following is the complete syntax for a Connect bar command:


Say you are running a Secure Shell connection and need to open a Telnet connection.  Prefix the protocol element to your other options, and the resulting command line looks like this:


where "admin" is the username, "kw1satz" the password, "xerxes" is the host, and "2023" the Telnet port.  If only the host is specified, the default protocol and port are used. 

To open a session stored in the session database, use this syntax:

  /S <session name>

Multiple sessions can be started by leaving a space between session names/parameters, for example:

  /S <session name> /S <session name>

Finally, the following are a couple of handy keyboard shortcuts for the Connect bar:

  • ALT+R activates the Connect bar ready for input
  • CTRL+ENTER  in the Connect bar opens the specified session in a new window

The Connect bar can be displayed or hidden by selecting or deselecting the Connect Bar option on the View menu.

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