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Overview of the SecureFX® 7.0 Filter View

Beginning with version 7.0, a filter toolbar in the session view helps you quickly find files and folders in the current local and remote sessions.  Filtering is especially useful when you are working in a directory with many files. Wildcards can be used to select the exact set of files you want to transfer.

Filtering essentials:

  • When applied, the filter includes the current folder
  • Wildcards available include * and ?
  • A filter stays in effect until you clear it
  • Filters apply to both file and folder names
  • The filter toolbar maintains a history of search filters


To find log files that start with the same date, you might use the ? wildcard. For the filter 201205??.log, the result set would include:


In the screenshot below, the filter toolbar is in the top right corner of the local session tab, with the *.png filter applied to show only files with the PNG extension.

A filtering toolbar is available in any session window of SecureFX 7.0