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How to Fix an Issue Where Output Becomes Garbled Following a Period of Normal Output

This is an issue that occurs when SecureCRT receives a control sequence that tells it to go into graphics mode. This can happen if you are cat-ing a file that contains this control sequence as well.

The control sequence is meant to signify switching to a different character set (G1). This control sequence is also known as Shift Out (SO). Unfortunately, the character set entered into by Shift Out is a line drawing character set and therefore where the end user is expecting normal output instead it looks like gibberish.

Since version 7.2.x, SecureCRT has included an INI option that, when enabled, tells SecureCRT to ignore this Shift Out control sequence.

Changes in SecureCRT 7.2 (Beta 1) -- October 8, 2013
New features:
  • Added a session INI-file-only option "Ignore Shift Out Sequence"
    that prevents SecureCRT from going into graphics mode
    when Shift Out (\016) is received.

These are the steps to enable the Ignore Shift Out Sequence feature:

  • Take note of SecureCRT's config location in the General / Configuration Paths category of Global Options.
  • Close all instances of SecureCRT (and SecureFX if installed).
  • Edit the .ini file of the session (or Default.ini if making an ad hoc connection). (Session .ini files and Default.ini files are stored in the Sessions subfolder of the configuration folder):
  • D:"Ignore Shift Out Sequence"=00000000
    D:"Ignore Shift Out Sequence"=00000001

  • Save the changes.

The issue should now be resolved.

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