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Using VCP or SFXCL for Secure File Transfer

Note: This tip is for use with SecureFX for Windows.

Do you need to secure your scripted remote logon and file transfers? Use the VCP command-line utility or the SFXCL command-line tool bundled with SecureFX® for Windows. VCP and SFXCL support simple file transfers with SSH-based strong encryption and authentication.

VCP is part of VanDyke Software's ClientPack, a collection of command-line utilities and is included with the VShell® Server for secure automation. Two VCP options facilitate batch or scripted transfers. For example, the -i switch is used to specify a public key for authentication. This way, the batch file does not need to contain or make reference to a password, closing a major security hole. The public key can be secured using network privileges. The -r switch copies the entire directory structure recursively. A recursive copy command copies all files in the specified folder and files in any sub-folders.

With the SFXCL utility included with SecureFX 2.0 for Windows and later releases, the "QuickSync" flag can be used to synchronize two sites, or a pre-stored session from SecureFX's database can be used to transfer from one site to another.

Additional information on using the SFXCL command-line utility can be found in the SecureFX for Windows Help files, the SFXCL Command-Line Tool for SecureFX FAQs, and the SFXCL Automation Guide.