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SecureCRT 6.0 and SecureFX 6.0 Releases From VanDyke Software Give Enterprise Systems Administrators Time-Saving Security Tools and Updated Interface for Optimal Remote Data Access and Security

  • VanDyke’s Secure Shell clients for remote access and file transfer add new ways to view and customize sessions and offer complete portability with U3 smart drive support
  • By streamlining administration tasks IT systems administrators can focus on more strategic activities

Albuquerque, N.M. (January 15, 2008) — VanDyke Software®, a developer of Secure Shell solutions that balance strong security with ease of use, today announced the availability of SecureCRT® 6.0 and SecureFX® 6.0.

“At VanDyke Software, we think not only about the top performance of our solutions for remote data access security management, but how efficiency in our solutions can make life a lot easier for IT and network administrators,” said Jeff P. Van Dyke, president and founder of VanDyke Software. “We’ve been commissioning surveys for four years in a row now which have given us an excellent snapshot of what systems administrators confront on a daily basis and their ranking of priorities. We’ve been focusing on refining our solutions so that our customers can free up time for themselves to be more strategic and less tactical.”

When respondents to a VanDyke-commissioned survey earlier in 2007 were asked to rank a list of 11 security management issues facing their company, "Secure file transfer" showed the most significant increase in the percentage of respondents ranking it as one of the three top issues in 2007 (31%) compared to 2006 (13%). Other issues on the list were “Keeping virus definitions up to date” (45%); “Managing logs” (8%); “Monitoring intrusions” (40%); “Network use monitoring” (22%); “Password management” (20%); “Patching systems” (42%); “Replacing nonsecure protocols” (8%); “Securing remote access” (47%); “User awareness” (20%); and “User training” (14%). “There’s a lot on the plates of the systems administrators, and with securing remote access a top issue and secure file transfer showing significant increase as a top issue to manage within the enterprise, VanDyke Software focused on new features for SecureCRT 6.0 and SecureFX 6.0 that make life in these areas so much easier for IT and network administrators,” said Van Dyke.

According to Van Dyke, the aim of the new features in SecureCRT 6.0 and SecureFX 6.0 is to provide time-saving value to the IT systems administrator, which in turn adds value to the customer’s IT management efforts as a whole.

SecureCRT 6.0 time-saving features include support for moving session tabs between SecureCRT windows, and a button bar that allows mapping of buttons to frequently used commands, scripts, and menu functions. An updated user interface provides alpha transparency, Windows display themes, and drag-and-drop customization of the menu and toolbar. Also new in this release is support for installation on U3 smart drives, a combined installer for SecureCRT and SecureFX, and MSI support to simplify and automate distribution and installation.

“We looked at different ways to help our customers switch easily between sessions, applications, and windows with the new button bar and the move tabs capability,” said Maureen Jett, product director at VanDyke Software. “Network administrators often use several programs to accomplish a task, and now they can use the button bar to fire up an application quickly without navigating menus. To easily view the output of two sessions on the fly, they can use the new tab feature to send an active tab to a new SecureCRT window, clone the session in a new window, or drag and drop a tab between SecureCRT windows.”

For Tim Graham, a network specialist at a Fortune 50 company, SecureCRT tabs reduce the number of terminal session windows he has open. "I now can have one window with all my Telnet or console sessions in it and move between them with ease. The new button bar is great for pre-programming things and for logging on to devices," said Graham. "One click and you're connected, rather than having to retype your username and password. I program buttons with commands that I use all the time — a click of a button and it's done. I also pre-write configuration changes, which saves time during change windows, and lets you easily back out of failed changes."

For file transfer, SecureFX 6.0 introduces quick synchronize support for mirroring with delete, an editable address bar showing the current path of local or remote sessions, and the ability to resolve symbolic links, and shares with SecureCRT new user interface enhancements including Windows display themes and drag-and-drop customization of toolbar and menu items.

“For these releases, we also addressed the need for portability, tighter integration, and automated distribution and installation of the applications in larger deployments,” said Jett. “You can install the applications on U3 smart drives for complete portability. For administrators needing both file transfer and remote access, there is now a combined installer for SecureFX and SecureCRT. Finally, the ability to use environment variables in paths makes it easier to move settings and create configurations for multiple users, and MSI support allows distribution through a distribution server and automated installation through SMS or other install programs.”

Armed with strong encryption, trusted authentication, and data integrity, you can confidently exchange electronic data over public networks. SecureCRT is the tool of choice for IT professionals who are responsible for network administration and end-user access where security is critical, combining a feature-filled terminal emulator with the security of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. SecureFX is a versatile file transfer application that supports SFTP, FTP over SSL, as well as standard FTP. VanDyke Software also offers the VShell® Secure Shell server, which replaces Telnet and FTP for secure network administration and end-user access on Windows and UNIX platforms.


Single SecureFX licenses start at $59.95 and single SecureCRT licenses start at $99.00. Combined SecureCRT and SecureFX licenses are available. VanDyke Software licenses include one to three years of updates and support, depending on the type of license purchased.


IT professionals who are responsible for network administration and end-user access where security is critical rely on VanDyke Software's rock solid and easy to configure software. The company develops secure, standards-based data access, file transfer, and communications software for internet and intranet use by corporations, government, and education. VanDyke Software consistently delivers accurate, responsive support, and addresses its customers' evolving needs with timely product enhancements. VanDyke offers a fully-supported 30-day evaluation of its products prior to purchase. For more information about VanDyke Software, visit the company's website at


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Customer Testimonials

  • "Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."

    —Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

  • "I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."

    —Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

  • "Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence!"

    —Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

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