Press Release Archive

Press Release Archive

The following are earlier VanDyke Software press releases. If you have questions about these press releases, VanDyke products or VanDyke Software, please contact our Public Relations department.


12-17-2015 | VShell® 4.2 Server from VanDyke Software® Enhances File Operations and Improves Control with New Virtual Root and VShell Monitor Options

05-05-2015 | VShell® 4.1 Server from VanDyke Software Enhances Trigger Support with Built-in SFTP Trigger Action


10-27-2014 | VanDyke Software® Launches SecureCRT® for Apple iPad®

10-23-2014 | SecureCRT® 7.3 and SecureFX® 7.3 Improve Productivity for Network Administrators with an Enhanced Dockable Session Manager and Advanced Keyword Highlighting for SecureCRT

08-07-2014 | SecureCRT® 7.3 and SecureFX® 7.3 Beta Releases from VanDyke Software Add Dockable Session Manager for Mac and Linux and Keyword Highlighting for SecureCRT

01-21-2014 | VShell® 4.0 Server from VanDyke Software Improves Automation Options for Network Administrators


12-12-2013 | SecureCRT 7.2® and SecureFX® 7.2 Official from VanDyke Software® Improve Productivity with a Dockable Session Manager and Personal Data Folder

10-08-2013 | SecureCRT® 7.2 and SecureFX® 7.2 Beta Releases from VanDyke Software® Improve Workflow with a New Dockable Session Manager and Personal Data Folder

05-02-2013 | SecureCRT® 7.1 Official Adds Tiled Sessions to Mac and Linux Versions

05-02-2013 | SecureFX® 7.1 from VanDyke Software® Introduces Secure File Transfer Client for Mac OS X and Linux

02-26-2013 | Multi-platform SecureFX® File Transfer Client from VanDyke Software® Now Available for Mac OS X and Linux


11-13-2012 | VShell® 3.9 Server from VanDyke Software® Adds Support for FTPS on UNIX and Gives Network Administrators New Remote Configuration Options

07-03-2012 | SecureCRT® 7.0 Official from VanDyke Software® Improves Productivity for Network Administrators with Tiled Sessions and a Built-in TFTP Server

07-03-2012 | SecureFX® 7.0 from VanDyke Software® Adds Powerful Filtering to Secure File Transfer

05-03-2012 | VanDyke Software® Announces New Tiled GUI for SecureCRT® 7.0 Beta

05-03-2012 | New Beta Release of SecureFX® 7.0 from VanDyke Software® Adds Powerful Filter Controls to Secure File Transfer


10-11-2011 | Enterprise Security Survey Results From 2005-2011 Reveal Size May Matter When It Comes to Intrusion Rates

10-11-2011 | Survey: Enterprise IT Managers and Network Administrators Concerned That Employees and Former Employees Have Role in Intrusions

10-11-2011 | Enterprises May Be Feeling More Comfortable With Offshore Outsourcing Impacts on Network Security

05-26-2011 | VShell® Server 3.8 from VanDyke Software® Gives System Administrators New Tools for Access Control and Real-Time Connection Monitoring

05-26-2011 | SecureCRT® 6.7 Official from VanDyke Software Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms

05-26-2011 | SecureFX® 6.7 File Transfer Client from VanDyke Software Delivers New, Time-Saving Connection Tools

05-03-2011 | Lowest Percentage Ever "Sleep Like a Baby" in Findings from 8th Annual "What Keeps Network Administrators Up At Night" Survey

05-03-2011 | 8th Annual "What Keeps Network Administrators Up At Night" Survey Spotlights Heightened Security Concerns for Employee Use of Social Media

03-08-2011 | VanDyke Software Releases SecureCRT 6.7 Beta for Linux


10-21-2010 | VanDyke Software Announces Release of SecureCRT 6.6 Client for Mac OS X

10-21-2010 | SecureFX 6.6 release from VanDyke Software Delivers Advanced Options for File Transfer

10-12-2010 | Sixth Annual IT Security Survey: Incidences of Unauthorized Intrusions of Large Companies Increased Significantly in 2010

10-12-2010 | Sixth Annual IT Security Survey: 45% of Enterprises Employ Outside Security Audits at Least Once a Year, a Ten Percentage Point Increase Over Previous Year

08-03-2010 | VanDyke Software Launches Beta Version of SecureCRT for Mac OS X

05-11-10 | Survey Findings Reveal Network Administrators Rank “Securing Remote Access” Their Most Important Priority Four Straight Years

05-11-2010 | Survey Findings Reveal “Viruses,” “Intrusions” Top List of Security Threats Network Administrators See from Employee Use of Social Media via the Company Network

05-11-2010 | Survey: More Network Administrators See an Increase in IT Security Budgets than a Decrease in 2010, a Reversal from the Previous Year

05-11-2010 | Survey Reveals 47% of Network Administrators Considering Cloud Computing Applications


12-10-2009 | VanDyke Software's VShell 3.6 Secure Shell Server Delivers New Tools for System Administrators to Restrict Access to Windows and UNIX Systems

12-10-2009 | New SecureCRT 6.5 and SecureFX 6.5 Releases From VanDyke Software Deliver Redesigned User Interfaces for Greater Productivity

09-29-2009 | Survey: 72% of Enterprises That Hire Outside Experts to Conduct a Security Audit Indicate it Was a "Worthwhile Investment"

09-29-2009 | Survey Findings Reveal That IT Executives/Network Administrators Often Feel Outsourcing Tech Jobs Offshore Has a Negative Impact on Network Security

05-14-2009 | Sixth Annual "What Keeps Network Administrators Up At Night" Security Survey Reveals Worlds of IT Security "Haves" and "Have Nots"

03-31-2009 | VanDyke Software Announces New Releases of SecureCRT 6.2 and SecureFX 6.2 That Streamline Workflow for System Administrators


10-14-2008 | Fourth Annual IT Security Survey: Incidences of Unauthorized Intrusions/Hackings of Midsize Enterprises Increased Significantly in 2008

08-21-2008 | VanDyke Software's VShell 3.5 Adds Three New Editions with FTP over SSL Support

08-21-2008 | Vandyke Software's New Releases of SecureCRT 6.1 and SecureFX 6.1 Allow System Administrators to Automate Routine Tasks

04-22-2008 | 5th Annual Enterprise Security Survey Indicates That While Economy Sputters In 2008 Most IT Budgets Are Holding Steady And Even Increasing Slightly

01-15-2008 | SecureCRT 6.0 and SecureFX 6.0 Releases from Vandyke Software® Give Enterprise Systems Administrators Time-Saving Security Tools and Updated Interface for Optimal Remote Data Access and Security


11-20-2007 | Survey Examines Plans For Enterprises to Comply With Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

10-23-2007 | Third Annual IT Security Survey: Majority of IT Managers and Network Administrators Reporting Unauthorized Intrusions Indicate Sensitive Data Was Exposed, Potential Financial Impact Was Significant

06-26-2007 | VanDyke Software's VShell 3.0 Server Saves Critical Time for System Administrators with New Configuration and Automation Features

05-16-2007 | Fourth Annual Enterprise Security Survey Indicates 2007 Is A Breakout Year As Organizations Heighten Commitment To Securing Data Communications

04-05-2007 | VanDyke Software's New Releases give Network Professional Shortcuts for Faster Logon and Script Recording


11-08-2006 | Bigger Getting Better in '06: Year-to-Year IT Security Survey Spotlighting Best Practices in Intrusion Defense Shows Lower Percentage of Enterprises With More Than 10,000 Employees Report Network Intrusions in Past Two Years

10-11-2006 | VanDyke Software Delivers Time-saving Tools To Network Professionals

05-16-2006 | Findings Enterprise Security Survey Reveal Highest Level of Network and System Administrator Angst in Three-Year Period

03-30-2006 | VShell 2.6 For Windows Now Complies With FIPS 140-2 Regulations

03-28-2006 | Vandyke Software Helps Customers Comply with FIPS 140-2 Regulations


11-17-2005 | VShell 2.5 Delivers Advanced Authentication Options for Secure Shell Servers

10-28-2005 | IT Security Survey: Over 30% of Large Enterprises Acknowledge Intrusions to Office Network in Past Two Years

06-16-2005 | SecureCRT 5.0 Makes Life Easier for Network Professionals

05-24-2005 | Enterprise Security Survey: Network Administrators are Comfortable with Security at Their Organizations, but Concerned About Their Users

03-01-2005 | SecureCRT 5.0 adds new tabbed interface, improved session management, and initial support for IPv6


05-24-2004 | Amplitude Research Survey Ranks Top Three Security Management Issues Identified By Network Administrators

05-06-2004 | VShell Server 2.3 Delivers Fine-tuned Control For Secure Shell Servers

02-24-2004 | VShell Server 2.3 Extends Secure Shell Authentication Options


12-04-2003 | VanDyke Software Apps Offer Improved Integration and Kerberos Authentication

11-25-2003 | VanDyke Software Solutions Featured in Two Wiley Technology Books

08-12-03 | VShell Server 2.2 Raises the Bar for Secure Shell (ssh2) on Windows and UNIX

06-17-2003 | VShell 2.2 Marks VanDyke Software's Entry Into UNIX Market

04-10-2003 | VanDyke Software helps secure the Computer History Museum

04-10-2003 | VanDyke Applications Boost Security of Privacy Advocate

03-27-2003 | Frances Brass Appointed Chief Operating Officer

03-04-2003 | Survey Shows How IT Perceives & Responds To Constantly Changing Security Threats


12-11-2002 | VanDyke Solutions Secure IRS Net Access and File Transfers

10-08-2002 | Major VanDyke Upgrade Provides Secure Communications Everyone Can Use

10-08-2002 | New Life for Public-Key Authentication

07-25-2002 | VShell 2.1 Server Provides Key to Managing Secure Windows Networks

07-23-2002 | Yokogawa Electric Selects VanDyke Products to Secure Network Monitoring

07-02-2002 | System Administrators Get a Helping Hand from VanDyke

07-01-2002 | VanDyke Software Expands Marketing Department

05-28-2002 | VShell 2.1 Makes Life Easier for Overworked Network Pros

04-02-2002 | VShell 2.0 Transforms Your Windows Server Into a Secure File Transfer Solution

03-14-2002 | Secure Shell Interoperability Fostered at Connectathon Event

03-05-2002 | Do You Really Need A VPN? Maybe Not.

02-19-2002 | Raise Your File Transfer IQ With SecureFX 2.0

02-19-2002 | Take the Drudgery Out of Routine File Transfers with AbsoluteFTP 2.0

02-05-2002 | Vandyke Software Takes the Lead in Race to Mature SSH on Windows Platform

01-29-2002 | Soaring Again -- VanDyke Software Repeats on the New Mexico Flying Forty List

01-22-2002 | VanDyke Software Joins the Internet Society


12-20-2001 | New VanDyke Release Makes Unattended Secure File Transfers a Reality

12-17-2001 | VanDyke Software and RSA Security Build on a Successful Strategic Partnership

10-18-2001 | New VShell Server Release Takes First Step Toward PKI in Secure Shell

10-10-2001 | New VanDyke Release Improves Security of Secure Shell Authentication

10-10-2001 | Scalable Fonts Increase Scope of CRT Windows Terminal Emulator

10-09-2001 | VanDyke Redefined: New Name, Logo, and Web Site

09-04-2001 | VanDyke Is First to Offer New Authentication Method for Windows Secure Shell

05-29-2001 | Van Dyke Releases VShell Enhancements To Improve Secure System Adminstration Environment

04-19-2001 | Making NT Sysadmin Lives Easier With Controllable SSH Access


03-14-2000 | Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. Makes Scholarships Available for Computer Science Majors at UNM

03-07-2000 | Van Dyke Fortifies Security of Privacy Advocate

12-28-2000 | Van Dyke Secure Shell Hat Trick Complete

12-12-2000 | Van Dyke Hits the Mark With Windows Server for Secure Shell

12-12-2000 | Van Dyke Writes New Chapter in Book on File Transfer

11-16-2000 | Product Suite for Secure File Transfer Complete

07-24-2000 | Secure File Transfer Just Keeps Getting Easier

07-24-2000 | FTP Client Better, Still Absolutely Easy to Use

07-03-2000 | SecureCRT® Opens Up SSH to Open-Source Servers

07-03-2000 | CRT Terminal Emulator Increases Support for Linux

04-04-2000 | A New Way To Transfer Files Without Exposing Passwords


10-29-1999 | Windows Client Increases Usability, Performance of SSH

10-29-1999 | CRT Terminal Emulator takes Major Steps Forward in Usability, Scripting


12-09-1998 | SSH Users need SecureCRT's Flexibility

12-09-1998 | Leading Lost-Cost Windows Terminal Emulator Supports Direct Dial-Up

10-05-1998 | For AbsoluteFTP, Everyday Usability is Top Priority

07-22-1998 | Van Dyke Technologies Launches SecureCRT® to Enter Secure Shell Client Market

03-05-1998 | Van Dyke Technologies Releases AbsoluteFTP® 1.0


07-16-1997 | Reach Mainframes and BBSs via the Internet

Customer Testimonials

  • "Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."

    —Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

  • "I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."

    —Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

  • "Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence!"

    —Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

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