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SecureCRT 7.1 Official Adds Tiled Sessions to Mac and Linux Versions

Albuquerque, N.M. (May 2, 2013) — VanDyke Software® today announced the official release of SecureCRT® 7.1, a Secure Shell terminal emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux. SecureCRT 7.1 brings tiled sessions to Mac and Linux versions, and adds the ability to set up dependent sessions for connecting with jump hosts.

"Tiled sessions have increased productivity for our customers on the Windows platform and we are pleased to now offer this time-saver to our Mac and Linux customers," said Maureen Jett, product director for SecureCRT. "Tiling helps troubleshoot issues by allowing you to quickly compare the content of tiled sessions. The chat window can also be used with tiled sessions, making it possible to send commands to all sessions and see the resulting output, which also helps customers get more done faster."

Also new in SecureCRT 7.1 is a dependent session option that can be used to link a session to an SSH2 session that it depends on, which allows connection to a jump host before connecting to other sessions.

Productivity enhancements in this release include the ability to send a button bar command to all connected tabbed or tiled sessions using SHIFT+<click>, and a character send delay option to wait for a text prompt, which allows data to be sent as fast as the remote system can handle. In addition, SecureCRT 7.1 now supports Kermit file transfers and, on the Windows platform, support for SHA1 in RSA signatures allows X.509 certificates to be used in FIPS mode.

SecureCRT 7.1 provides optional integration with SecureFX 7.1 secure file transfer client on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The integrated clients provide easy access to shared sessions and settings, including host key databases.

Availability of SecureCRT 7.0

VanDyke Software's SecureCRT is a terminal client that helps IT professionals manage secure remote access and securely "tunnel" e-mail, web, and corporate application data. To download a fully-functional evaluation copy of SecureCRT 7.1, visit the VanDyke Software website at The 30-day evaluation period includes access to VanDyke Software’s technical support group.

About VanDyke Software, Inc.

Busy IT professionals depend on VanDyke Software to deliver rock-solid, easy-to-configure software for secure remote access, secure file transfer, terminal emulation, and remote administration. VanDyke Software offers a fully-supported 30-day evaluation of its products prior to purchase, providing both evaluators and customers with a higher level of service. The company's product offerings include the SecureCRT Secure Shell terminal emulator, the SecureFX® secure file transfer client, the VanDyke ClientPack, and the VShell® Secure Shell server. For more information about VanDyke Software, visit the company's website at

Customer Testimonials

  • "Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."

    —Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

  • "I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."

    —Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

  • "Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence!"

    —Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

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