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Built-in TFTP Server

Built-in TFTP Server

VanDyke Software delivers products that help system administrators get their work done efficiently. Our terminal emulation client, SecureCRT®, is no exception.

SecureCRT provides you with a number of options to perform file transfer tasks without the need to run a separate TFTP application, sparing you time and unnecessary hassle.

Built-in File Transfer Capability

SecureCRT is one of the only terminal emulation clients available with a built-in TFTP server. This basic protocol allows a local system to send and receive binary files without the need to launch a separate application.

However, you may also transfer files using other supported protocols, including:

  • SFTP
  • Xmodem
  • Ymodem
  • Zmodem
  • Kermit

Integration with SecureFX® also allows you to launch our full-featured file transfer client from the SecureCRT toolbar.

Get Started

SecureCRT provides you with a number of options to transfer files during sessions. The built-in TFTP server enables binary file transfers without the need to launch a separate application, and conducting file transfers from the same window as your active session saves you time. Find out how SecureCRT can simplify your system administration tasks. Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Download SecureCRT.

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