VShell® Server for Windows and UNIX

Secure File Transfer with the VShell® Server

Electronic data delivery is replacing paper-based mail at an ever-accelerating rate.  Use VShell as the hub of a file sharing infrastructure to connect remote offices, partners and customers, with flexible user access control to set appropriate system access.

Simple File Transfer Solutions with Strong Security

SFTP transfers with the VShell server and SecureFX client use a single, secure channel for data transfer, protecting user data and files. SFTP operates as a subsystem, integrated with Secure Shell. For system administration, two-factor public-key authentication methods increase protection of privileged accounts.

File Transfer Protocols

An ideal use of SFTP is to set up VShell on a server outside the firewall or router accessible by remote users or partners (sometimes referred to as a secure extranet or DMZ). Typical uses include:

  • Uploading documents, spreadsheets, and other files
  • Making an archive of data files accessible for download
  • Providing a secure access point for remote administration tasks.

DMZ allows secure SFTP access to information assets by partners and internal users

Flexible user access control

Configure multiple file transfer solutions for technical, nontechnical, internal and external users using VShell’s powerful access control infrastructure.

  • Limit access to file system by user or group
  • Multiple virtual root directories allow each user or group to have a specific, limited file system entry point
  • VShell RunAs control panel allows admin to configure a command requiring a higher privilege level to allow user actions like a backup - without granting root-level access privileges
  • Option to store file transfer users in a VShell database to keep Windows account overhead low

Monitoring and reporting

  • Logging - W3C logging allows log analysis and reporting
  • Event logging

VShell Facilitates Federal Standards Compliance

VShell secure authentication and data encryption assure privacy for sensitive data in transit, while logging facilities provide the required mechanisms for tracking and documentation.

  • Federal FIPS 140-2 encryption standards
  • Gramm Leach Bliley Act financial privacy regulations
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) financial disclosure
  • HIPAA health data privacy

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