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Backing Up and Restoring SecureCRT® and SecureFX® Settings (versions 7.3 and newer)

Note: For instructions for SecureCRT and SecureFX 7.2 and earlier, see this tip.

Backing up your configuration is a recommended best practice. When trying out a new version of SecureCRT or SecureFX, a backup allows you to revert to a “known good” setup if you make a configuration change you don't like. You can also use a backup when moving to a new machine to transfer your current configuration so you don’t waste time recreating sessions. Or maybe you just want to play it safe; almost everyone knows someone who has lost important data as a result of a computer crash.

7.3 and newer versions of SecureCRT and SecureFX include an import/export tool that makes it easier to create a backup or copy configuration settings from one machine to another.

Create a backup file

  1. On the Windows, macOS, or Linux system, run SecureCRT or SecureFX and select Export Settings from the Tools menu.
  2. Choose the folder location and specify a name for the XML file that will be created (e.g., SCRTConfig.xml).
  3. The backup XML file will now be available in the location selected in Step 2 above.

Note: If the configuration is set up to use a personal data folder, sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and automated logon information will not be backed up. If you would like everything to be backed up, you will need to temporarily revert back to a single configuration folder. The Personal Config Data: 3) Reverting Back to a Single Config Folder Video on the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel shows how to do this or you can contact technical support for assistance.

Restore your configuration

  1. On the Windows, macOS, or Linux system, run SecureCRT or SecureFX and select Import Settings from the Tools menu.
  2. Choose the XML file that was created as the backup file (see above).

Note: If the configuration folder was temporarily reverted to a single folder, you can go back to using the personal data folder after following the steps above.

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