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SecureCRT Supports SSH2

SecureCRT® Supports SSH2

Secure Shell's updated version—SSH2—is considered the standard for data security. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) began developing SSH2 in 2001 in response to known vulnerabilities of SSH1. In addition to improved data integrity, SSH2 also added features, included a unique protocol for secure file transfer (SFTP) and the ability to run multiple shell sessions over a single SSH2 connection.

SecureCRT, VanDyke Software's terminal emulation client, supports SSH2 in order to provide a high level of security and the full functionality of the updated Secure Shell protocol.

Improved Security of SSH2

Like the older version of the Secure Shell protocol, SSH2 delivers data security through a number of mechanisms:

  • User authentication
  • Host authentication
  • Data encryption

However, SSH2 delivers a higher level of security by supporting more and more complex encryption ciphers and message authentication code for data integrity.

Benefits of SecureCRT

SecureCRT allows you to do more than just securely connect to remote machines on your network. SecureCRT comes equipped with a number of features that help IT professionals make network administration tasks more efficient.

SecureCRT allows you to save time by:

Streamlining repetitive tasks

SecureCRT includes a number of task automation tools as well as visual displays and cues that allow you to effectively multi-task when working with a number of active connections.

Customizing your terminal emulation environment

SecureCRT lets you customize buttons and keystrokes, change display themes and session color schemes, and move the tab and button bar to help you manage multiple sessions at a glance and put the commands and functions you perform often where they make most sense to you.

Because SecureCRT is available for most major platforms—Windows®, Mac, and Linux—you can implement a single SSH2 client organization-wide, minimizing the number of applications that require maintenance.

Get Started

SecureCRT gives you more than just the security benefits of SSH2. SecureCRT delivers a robust terminal emulation client that gives IT professionals the tools they need to save time.

Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

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