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SecureFX Maintenance

SecureFX® Maintenance

To keep your network and data protected, it is not enough to install and use secure file transfer software. You must also maintain the software to ensure protection from new threats and provide users with the most advanced features possible.

VanDyke Software's secure file transfer client makes software maintenance easy with regular updates and a number of ways to receive update notifications.

File Transfer Software Updates

VanDyke Software is constantly working on improving the performance and enhancing the capabilities of SecureFX. In order to provide the highest level of security for your file transfer operations, we regularly issue software updates that address any reported bugs. Maintenance updates for your version of SecureFX are free under an eligible SecureFX license.

To continually improve your user experience, we also issue major software updates that provide new features. Updates that provide new features are available for customers with an eligible license. Customers with a license ineligible for SecureFX updates may purchase an upgrade license.

Automatic Update Notifications

SecureFX users may be notified of updates to our file transfer software by:

Built-in software maintenance checks

SecureFX will automatically ask you every 30 days if you would like to check for updates. The notification window allows easy navigation to our Upgrades page.

Product Announcement Subscription List

VanDyke Software announces all software maintenance updates and upgrades—including beta and official releases—to those subscribed to our product announcement list. Subscribe to have all new release announcements sent directly to your email address.

Keep Going

VanDyke Software provides the updates and the notification channels to ensure that our secure file transfer software continues to protect your data in transit and offers the advanced features you want. If you are looking for a secure file transfer client, try SecureFX free for 30 days. To get started:

Download SecureFX client.

If you already use SecureFX for your file transfer and site synchronization operations, get notified when new updates are available. Subscribe to the product announcement list.

Please contact us with questions or feedback regarding software maintenance.

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