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... comply with FIPS 140-2.

...get a commercially supported UNIX Secure Shell server.

...remotely access machines over the Internet.

...replace nonsecure Telnet.

...replace nonsecure FTP.

...download and upload files securely with simple drag and drop.

...connect from the road to check email.

...allow users to transfer files with limited access.

...lock down my firewall.

...automate or script secure file transfers.

...protect my private data.

...use strong encryption.

I need secure terminal emulation for my Mac OS X systems.

SecureCRT® for Mac OS X is built to meet the needs of the most demanding network professionals. This new version offers a major step up from the OS X Terminal, with the ability to save and customize terminal sessions, serial protocol support, access to the OS X local shell, and a high-productivity user interface with plenty of ways to automate tasks. You can have all this with little or no retraining for staff who already are familiar with SecureCRT on Windows.

SecureCRT for Mac OS X provides Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH1 & SSH2), SFTP, and serial support. This support for open standard protocols means SecureCRT can connect OS X, Linux, UNIX, Windows and other systems, as well as manage a wide variety of network devices from the latest Cisco router to the dumbest switch. SecureCRT provides support for Secure Shell data tunneling and offers secure file transfers using SFTP, Xmodem, Zmodem, and Ymodem.

The following are some of the core services SecureCRT provides.

  • VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60, Xterm, and Linux console emulations, with support for ANSI color in all
  • Full terminal emulation support for character attributes including VT line drawing symbols, bold, underline, reverse and blink, and double-width and double-height fonts
  • Custom configuration for every session is easily organized and accessed from the Connect dialog
  • Xterm extensions to set the title bar and send basic mouse events to the remote host
  • A tabbed user interface that allows you to run multiple sessions in a single program window; start a new session in a matter of seconds by clicking on the "New Tab" toolbar icon
  • Connect to multiple hosts or have multiple sessions with a single host

Whether you need a Terminal replacement with more powerful session management or advanced capabilities to help raise your productivity to the nth degree, SecureCRT is an application you can live in all day long. Take the next step right now:

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  2. Read our Secure Shell white papers.
  3. Contact us for assistance in designing the right solution for your organization.

SecureCRT for Mac OS X is a highly customizable terminal emulator with support for Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) as well as Telnet and serial protocols. SecureCRT is ideal for connecting to remote systems running Linux, UNIX, VMS, and Windows.