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Benefits of SecureFX

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Benefits of SecureFX®, VanDyke Software's Secure File Transfer Program

SecureFX allows you to easily transfer files and keeps sites synchronized while providing reliable security for your data in transit.


Secure File Transfer

SecureFX supports a number of secure file transfer protocols, including:

  • SFTP (Secure Shell [SSH2] File Transfer Protocol)
  • FTP over SSL
  • SCP

SFTP benefits from the data encryption and protection mechanisms provided by the SSH2 protocol, and support for FTP makes file transfers possible on legacy systems limited to FTP capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface

SecureFX allows you to establish a secure connection for file transfers with a simple mouse click. An easy-to-use tabbed interface helps you organize your sessions, and the Windows Explorer-like interface allows you to easily drag and drop (or copy and paste) files from applications like Explorer, WinZip, and SecureFX to initiate secure file transfers.

Easy System Maintenance & Synchronization

SecureFX makes it easy to upload, download, and mirror files to synchronize local and remote systems. SecureFX's Quick Synchronize feature allows inclusive and exclusive filtering and stores configurations for multiple sites for unscheduled synchronization operations. The synchronize dialogs allow you to save settings for recurring file transfer operations, and the SFXCL command-line client allows you to automate tasks, including site synchronization, so secure file transfer can be completely unattended.

Because SecureFX has a relentless transfer feature, secure file transfers can be resumed rather than restarted*, so you can quickly recover after an interruption.

Federal Standard Compliance

SecureFX for Windows can be configured to help you maintain compliance with a number of federal regulations, including:

Time-Saving System Integration

SecureFX can be integrated with SecureCRT®, allowing you to set up connections with shared sessions and server host keys. Common sessions and settings minimize repeated steps and save you time.

Get Started

Whether your machines support SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or you need added security for file transfers using older protocols, you can experience the time-saving benefits of VanDyke Software';s secure file transfer program.

Download the full version of SecureFX for a free 30-day evaluation.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

*This feature not available when using SCP for secure file transfer.

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