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SecureFX Supports SCP Protocol

SecureFX® Supports SCP Protocol

The SCP protocol allows for secure file transfer between network machines, but that's all it does. VanDyke Software's SecureFX provides increased flexibility and file management capabilities while maintaining the same file transfer security as the SCP protocol.

SecureFX: Expanding SCP Protocol Capability

The SCP protocol provides secure file transfer using Secure Shell data encryption and authentication mechanisms. SecureFX preserves that security and provides enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Expanded file management capabilities
    The SCP protocol is a secure copy protocol. Files may be transferred (i.e., copied) from one host to another, but files may not be removed or otherwise managed using this protocol. SecureFX allows for greater file transfer access and management operations.
  • Large file transfers
    As a copy-only protocol, the SCP protocol does not have the sophistication to resume interrupted transfers. When file transfer operations are interrupted, large file transfers must start over from the beginning. SecureFX, however, has a relentless transfer mode that automatically restarts file transfers after interruptions.
  • Graphical user interface
    The SCP protocol's command-line interface can be difficult to learn for users who more frequently work with GUI programs. SecureFX has a Windows Explorer-like interface that allows drag and drop file transfer usability.

Secure File Transfer with SecureFX

SecureFX supports a number of secure file transfer protocols, including:

  • SFTP
  • FTP over SSL
  • SCP

You can select the appropriate secure file transfer protocol from a drop down menu when you begin a file transfer session.

Get Started

VanDyke Software can accommodate the SCP protocol while providing enhanced file transfer management capabilities. Try our software free for 30 days. To get started:

Download SecureFX client

If you have already completed your 30-day evaluation, purchase the secure file transfer software you need.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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