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Using SFTP for Secure Data Transfer

Using SFTP for Secure Data Transfer

SecureFX® supports a number of secure file transfer protocols, including SFTP and FTP over TLS (implicit and explicit). Both provide data security during file transfer operations. However, using SFTP does have advantages over FTP over TLS.

SFTP vs. FTP over TLS (FTPS)

Both SFTP and FTP over TLS (FTPS) are secure file transfer protocols, but they have significant differences.

SFTP—Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol—is based on the Secure Shell (SSH2) protocol developed by members of the IETF to address security issues encountered with SSH1 and earlier unsecure file transfer protocols like FTP.

FTP over TLS, on the other hand, uses the legacy FTP protocol over a TLS-encrypted connection, which may be established implicitly or explicitly.

One Port for Secure Data Transfer

Both SFTP and FTP over TLS securely transfer data—usernames, passwords, and file contents. However, SFTP enables bi-directional secure data transfer using one port. FTP over TLS requires multiple ports to be opened on a firewall—one for command data (to establish an encrypted connection) and at least one for file data. If multiple file transfers are to be done simultaneously, each requires its own port.

Layered Data Protection

Because SFTP is based on Secure Shell, using SFTP for data transfer automatically applies multiple layers of protection to your data in transit. SFTP protects data from a number of threats via:

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SecureFX provides excellent security for your data in transit by supporting SFTP, recognized as a highly secure file transfer protocol. Using SFTP for data transfer also allows you to access Secure Shell servers, like VanDyke Software's VShell® server, which expands your ability to control access and permissions for network access and file transfer operations.

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