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User Authentication and Authorization with SecureFX and VShell

User Authentication and Authorization with SecureFX® and VShell®

An encrypted connection to a trusted server protects data in transit from eavesdropping, but user authentication is necessary to make sure that your data and systems on your network are only accessible by the right people.

Supported Authentication Methods

SecureFX supports multiple means of verifying user identity to ensure network and data security. When performing file transfer operations using Secure Shell (SSH2)-supported protocols — i.e., SFTP and SCP, SecureFX supports user authentication via:

  • Password
  • Public key (RSA, DSA, X.509 including smart cards)
  • Kerberos v5 (via GSSAPI)
  • Keyboard interactive

For secure file transfers using FTPS (FTP over SSL), mutual authentication is supported using third-party and self-signed certificates.

Authentication vs. Authorization

User authentication verifies the identity/logon credentials of an entity accessing your network, but user authentication is not sufficient to restrict access to files and/or limit permissions once on the network. That requires user authorization.

VanDyke Software's VShell server gives your network administrators the tools to define user permissions.

Get Started

SecureFX supports multiple secure file transfer protocols, all of which provide some method of user authentication. User authorization can be defined using the VShell server. Both VanDyke Software products are available for multiple platforms—Windows, macOS, Linux, and other UNIX-like environments, making SecureFX and VShell ideal software for your organization to standardize on. Try both client and server software free for 30 days.

Download SecureFX.
Download the VShell server.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the right solution for your organization.

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