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VanDyke Customer Comments

It makes our day here at VanDyke Software when we get feedback from our customers. We get particularly excited about hearing how customers use our software to make their businesses work better and more securely.

If you'd like to share how you use VanDyke Software Products, use this form and we'll contact you.

"Thanks for the pointers and the explanation. This is the second time that your support team has helped me work through an issue very quickly and thoroughly. I am very impressed with the quality of your support organization! Excellent job!"
—Jeffrey Moritz, Calix, SecureCRT Customer

"I would like to thank you for the amazing quality of service and SecureCRT support you give to us."
—Anton Starovoytov, Solarix Networks, SecureCRT Customer

"SecureCRT is the best SSH/Telnet application I've ever used in my entire life. Especially now with the built in TFTP server, even better."
—Victor Astacio, SecureCRT Customer

"Your software is the battleship of SSH/Telnet/Serial software, everything else is just a tugboat."
—Christopher Starr, Manson Construction

"I used SecureCRT when I worked for a large telecommunications company, and it is the only product I will use now. It does everything I need it to do. VanDyke has done a great job."
—Rick McCracken, Penasco Valley Telephone Cooperative, SecureCRT Customer

"I'm working with Unix / Linux terminal software for about 20 years now. I tried alternative software, but I always returned to SecureCRT as this is just the best performing software with all the features a sysadmin could wish for. My worst nightmare is that VanDyke stops supporting this marvellous piece of software, hope this never happens!"
—Paul Kolenbrander, Binnenhof Computer Services, SecureCRT/SecureFX Customer

"I have to commend the quickness with which you and your company respond to support/feature requests. I have not seen another company respond as fast nor as professional."
—Edward Campbell, Inca Networks, SecureCRT for iPad, SecureCRT, and SecureFX Customer

"Worked like a charm. You guys are awesome and support is super impressive. Keep up the good work. It was a good choice for our company to roll SecureCRT across all sites."
—Damon King, SecureCRT Customer

"SecureCRT is well worth the cost, based on its rich feature set, scripting, and tech support. And you live up to your slogan. I suggested a feature enhancement that actually made it into a new code release. You really do listen and you really do make your software better."
—David Hucaby, Network Engineer, University of Kentucky

"I have to commend the quickness with which you and your company respond to support/feature requests. I have not seen another company respond as fast nor as professionally."
—Edward Campbell, Inca Networks, SecureCRT for iPad, SecureCRT, and SecureFX Customer

"The most important feature with SecureFX and SecureCRT (besides doing the job) is the long term commitment in the two products that VanDyke has demonstrated over the years. They have earned their place in any professional tool box by merits, by stability, and by predictability."
—Per Hertz, SecureCRT and SecureFX customer

"EXCELLENT software! The best related offering I've ever used. Love the ease of use, scripting, and consistent user interface."
—Gary Klimovich, SecureCRT and SecureFX customer

"Thank you for a great release! I've been actively using SecureCRT for many, many years and it's simply the best SSH client in existence! "
—Rich Tricoche, SecureCRT Customer

"There was no competition in choosing SecureCRT. We had some folks running an older version and we wanted more analysts to have the software and update from the old version. We are very happy with SecureCRT. "
—Joseph Meyer, Network Analyst, The Valley Hospital

"Only two software companies have exceeded my expectations to this level in all the years that I have worked in this industry. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a stable product and for all the VBScript support over the years as well. I have used the VBScript support within SecureCRT to automate many processes within our day to day operations. "
—Alex Ostberg, Network Specialist

"This is the best customer follow up I have ever received from a survey. This confirms that not only is the software by itself a good product, but customer support is well ahead of any other software I've used so far."
—Ivan Brunello, Consultant, SecureCRT Customer

"I use SecureCRT mostly because it is great at managing multiple Telnet/SSH sessions in the same window. I don't need much of the more advanced functionality, but I use this tool all day. Spending $100 on a license was totally worth it."
—Amelie Lamothe, SecureCRT Customer

"SecureCRT is the best tool on the market for Network Engineers. I have been using this software for about six years and don't plan on moving."
—Shawn Wayne, Secant Technologies, SecureCRT Customer

"Thanks for following up on the feedback. It is refreshing to see a company listening to customers."
—Roaan Vos, SecureCRT Customer

"Guys, the application is great. Absolutely love it. Dumped my free software as soon as I found SecureCRT."
—Shane Faulkner, SecureCRT Customer

"My recent interaction with VanDyke was regarding a software upgrade to the latest version. I was shown the utmost courtesy and felt like I was very well taken care of. The VanDyke sales team is awesome and I really appreciate their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. This is why I will continue to use and recommend VanDyke software to others."
—Michael White, SecureCRT Customer

"With SecureCRT, if you can think of an idea to solve a problem, 90% of it will be doable. And if not, VanDyke Software development takes suggestions—this tool has awesome and very quick support behind it. I have been in touch with VanDyke's CEO and given many suggestions, one of which was to launch a YouTube channel to demonstrate features. I personally recommend this software to everybody."
—Nirav Jadav, Database Administrator, OneNeck IT Services, SecureCRT/SecureFX Customer

"We deal with a lot of vendors here at SHI, so I just wanted to take a second and thank you for being one of the best ones to work with. Quick email responses and great help over the phone."
—Dennis Maldonado, SHI International

"Thank you for your wonderful support. Not only is SecureCRT the best software of its kind in the market, but also the support team is the best."
—Andrew Guo, Operations Specialist - Configuration, Ingram Micro Canada

"I installed the new release of SecureCRT and the issue no longer exists! Thank you very much for your help; this is the first time I've needed to contact VanDyke support and it has been an excellent experience!"
—Kieran Kavanagh, Network Specialist

"I've been using Cisco products for over 10 years and I've been running SecureCRT for almost as long. It's a solid product that does a great job."
—Mark Smith, Director of Corporate IT, Alfa Tech Consulting Enterprises, Inc.

"I'm a system administrator, and technical support has always been a major part of my job. So, having a company that goes the extra mile to make SURE that all of my questions are answered really IS a breath of fresh air!"
—George Karas, SecureCRT, SecureFX, and ClientPack customer

"I wasn't sure if I was going to renew my SecureCRT license, but with the outstanding support group that you have at your disposal I knew it was a very sound investment and wise decision, to renew for three years."
—Mark Hicks, Software Engineer, Invensys

"I have been using SecureCRT for many years and it is hands down the best serial terminal I've used. It's nothing short of a life saver. The scripting is so powerful that I always feel I can do anything I want if I just sit down and script it."
—Eran Duchan, Software Architect

"Thank you again for being so responsive. It just validates again that SecureCRT is the best product on the market in this space."
—Ed Iwanski, Pier 1 Imports

"As far as I'm concerned SecureCRT is the only product you should be using. In fact, I show SecureCRT to each client I work with. I often see clients struggling with other SSH programs, always closing down and never saving the session properly. SecureCRT is very stable. Most of my clients are now switching to VanDyke."
—Stewart Goumans, Systems Consultant

"I was apprehensive when I first learned that we had to convert from Procomm Plus and thereby lose all the scripts I had worked so hard on. But let me tell you, I think SecureCRT is awesome. I've written VBScripts for SecureCRT that I never dreamed of when I was using Procomm Plus! SecureCRT is a very powerful tool and I would recommend it to anyone who currently uses Procomm Plus!"
—Scott Miller, Communications Technician, CenturyLink

"You guys do a great job at supporting a very fine product. I cannot rave enough about the great support VanDyke gives its customers. It's better than any other support offerings I've experienced."
—William Cattell, Consultant, SecureCRT/SecureFX customer

"I've used SecureCRT and SecureFX for several years because the product has been continually updated and improved. Customer service has been excellent. I like the fact that I'm communicating closer to developers rather than third party customer service reps. Keep up the good work."
—Jim Jacobus, IT Manager

"That seems to have fixed it! Thank you and the people in Development for the quick turnaround and build! You guys are amazing!"
—Sean Torres, SecureCRT & SecureFX customer

"Other companies should take lessons from you guys."
—Tom Thomas, SecureCRT and SecureFX customer

"Thank you for the great support and for the build with the fix for the menu issue. Another reason I'll continue to renew my update subscription with VanDyke: Great Support and Great Software!"
—Steve Pierce, SecureCRT Customer

"The new ability to substitute the config folder location in the logon script path is great. I can now update over 60 connections to access my scripts. What's really nice is that to be mobile, I can drop the whole SecureCRT folder onto my laptop or other environments, change a single config line, and I am done!"
—Arman Rivard, Software Engineer, Translations.com

"I must admit that I initially had reservations with paying such a high premium for terminal and ftp applications. However, given the very positive experiences that I've had with your customer service/support and the prompt resolution of bugs, the higher price is well worth it. I no longer have any reservations and will suggest that our company move to SecureCRT and SecureFX as our enterprise-wide standard."
—Xavier Clarke, Systems Engineer

"Thanks for a great product. SecureCRT has saved me time and nerves for over 10 years."
—Sergei Simonenko, Chief Technology Officer, Altertech Group

"Thanks alot for excellent customer support. I live inside SecureCRT at work so this application is important to me and my colleagues in the Communication team."
— Kai Thorsrud, IT Engineer, Wilhelmsen IT Services AS

"Personal tech support is often an overlooked benefit of paid software and you've gone above and beyond! Personally, I'll never give up SecureCRT."
— Casey Blackburn, Dixon Hughes PLLC

"I am a Windows convert and was shocked that the only software available for a terminal for serial was ZTerm. If there is one app I was missing from Windows it was SecureCRT. Thank you for porting this critical piece of software. You guys just rock."
— Eric Leigh, Network Engineer

"SecureCRT is top notch for ease of use and reliability. SecureFX is an excellent program — would love to see it for Mac OS X. It is great that as developers you're so tuned in to your customers."
— Joe Genovese, Consultant, Gencotech

"In twelve years of using SecureCRT, VanDyke has always had amazing technical support. I have never, ever, dealt with a 'first level' buffer person. I have always been able to quickly contact someone who knows the product, inside and out."
— Chris OHalloran, SecureCRT Customer

"I provide interfaces to a whole bunch of Telnet programs. Of them all, I prefer by far SecureCRT. I recommend it to every client. Every time I have contacted you for any reason, I got immediate satisfaction."
— Clarence Cope, DMCons, Inc.

"I am really surprised about the action you take based on incidents and requests and how fast you reply, as well how you get in contact after a few days without answer. That's really good customer support, and I am pretty sure that a lot of that is based on human beings — and I want to thank all of you."
— Herbert Feutl, Fast Lane/Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH

"I've been really impressed with your expertise and prompt responses. You do have a great product and support!"
— Graham Hunt, Systems Engineer

"Thank you for your quick reply to my request. VanDyke has always been a very professional and reliable company, and I thank you for your years of commitment and dedication to those of us who rely on you."
— Robert Buecker, Network Systems Engineer, Delmarva Foundation

"Thank you for the fix — works like a charm! Not all companies have a support service like you do. I am impressed."
— Senthil Kumar, Programmer

"Thanks to the developers for making this fix. It works like a champ. You guys do rock."
— Jim McHale, First Strike Software

"I tried the Linux version of SecureCRT, and you have done a good job. There are many terminal emulators on Linux, but none has the flexibility or is so easy to use as your product."
— Giorgio Piero Berto, Network Engineer, IWAY

"SecureCRT serves all my remote access needs for SSH and SFTP (I bundled SecureFX with my purchase). I like the fact that the accounts created can be used in both SecureCRT/FX with no problem. All the KnownHosts and Session files are centrally located making migration to another machine seamless."
— Shane King, SecureCRT/SecureFX customer

"I just wanted to say what a great day this is! I have been a long-time Windows user of SecureCRT, but over the last three years have been relegated to running this in a VMware image on my Mac. The great thing is I was also able to import all of my sessions right over from my Windows config."
—Mat Banke, Manager/IT Infrastructure, Serena Software, Inc.

"I've loved your product for about eight years now. I think the last version we had licensed at my old job was version 5 — and I'm very happy with the changes since then. SecureCRT is a great product!"
—Mark Tremblay, SecureCRT Customer

"From using SecureCRT years ago under Windows there was nothing else like it and it was a mainstay for communicating with servers and serial ports. With a Mac product you have me back as a customer after leaving the Windows world eight years ago."
—Michael McCarty, Resident Application Engineer, Rovi Corporation

"I've known for some time now that the SecureCRT product is topnotch, but I was not aware that the team which supports the product is topnotch as well. Thank you for your support and going beyond the call of duty."
—Tim Shade, Taos Consulting

"I work as a network/security engineer and SecureCRT is what I use to SSH, Telnet, and console into network devices. I prefer SecureCRT over other software because it can be adapted so well to my preferences, to different vendor's devices, and it always just works."
—Tim Shade, Taos Consulting

"I was very happy to deal with someone with a solid understanding of the product, who could listen to a description of my usage and then quickly direct me to features most likely to be of interest. And now that I've purchased, my experience using the product is even better — how easily one can rename tabs (that little feature is a gem) and program buttons to send strings to multiple tabs/sessions."
—Tom Tyler, Perforce Software

"VanDyke is a great software company. The very, very few times I've ever had support issues, everyone has been extremely responsive. You constantly update and improve your products, have great customer service and support — couldn't ask for more from a vendor."
—Paul Theodoropoulos, SecureCRT Customer

"Your product is exceptional. I had four old Cisco switches that would not boot. The only option was xmodem transfer. I tried several other programs and only got success on one out of six tries. SecureCRT worked flawlessly each time."
—Alan Dean, Systems Administrator, Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane, Inc.

"A few of my colleagues are also personal SecureCRT users so it was easy to justify the purchase of licenses for all of my team. We really love SecureCRT and as network engineers it has features such as command line composition and rate limited pasting that are essential to our daily work."
—Lester Gock-Young, Network Engineer

"Thank you for this new build to resolve the issue I reported with the connect dialog. It is perfect and everything is working as expected. I am very impressed with the way you deal with customer problems and the short time to find a solution. I am very happy with SecureCRT now."
—Alexandra Major, OBV SG

"You've changed my workload and hence also my life by giving me another way to work smarter, harder, and quicker, without killing myself in the process."
—Burba Denson, Systems Engineer, Suddenlink Communications

"Your technical support is extremely responsive. Not only were my questions answered, but I was given instructions on how to follow up if your answer did not meet my needs. You also followed up to verify that I was satisfied. Thanks for your continued efforts to make SecureCRT the best tool in the industry!"
—Steve Blackwell, Support Software Engineer, Infor Global Solutions

"SecureCRT simply does everything I want easily and well. It offers the most capabilities and configurability and it just works. VanDyke has the best people possible and knows what customer service means. Your current level of customer service places you head and shoulders above any competition."
—Charlie Noah, Senior Systems Analyst, Inland Truck Parts

"The functionality provided is light-years beyond any of the other products I have tried (tabs, configurability, etc.). It's close to the perfect SSH client for my needs."
—Dave Dewey, CyberThugs, SecureCRT user

"I make it a policy to never buy any software except when I find it incredible... I am a very happy customer."
—Barbara Geeraers, SecureCRT user

"Thanks for the new feature and for the notification that it had been added — I don't really know of any other developer that notifies people who have given feedback like you guys do. That makes for very happy customers."
—Burt Heymanson, SecureCRT Customer

"I really like the ability to edit multiple sessions; it saves a lot of time. When resetting a password on a group of profiles, SecureCRT changed each profile without a single issue."
—Brad Moore, Sr. Network Engineer, A. Teichert & Son, Inc.

"I have been using VanDyke's software since 2000. It's very valuable and I'm using it almost every minute of the work day. We purchase upgrades to keep current and I have never had to use your support team."
—Phil Eschallier, 10 Types Inc., SecureCRT & SecureFX user

"The service rep's response has been one of the best we have ever received: helpful, patient, and extremely friendly. It is hard to think of anything [to improve]. VanDyke seems to have really 'hit the nail on the head'. This is a well thought-out piece of software with a price point that makes the whole package difficult to criticize."
—William Pickett, Carozzi North America, SecureCRT user

"I didn't realize you could send tabs to new windows, and even drag tabs back from one window to another — that's very useful — and this software gets better and better the more I use it!"
—Andy Shellam, Business Development Manager, Network Mail

"Many thanks for the quick, accurate, thorough replies. Being in customer service myself, I like to think I recognize a good job when I see it — and yours is top notch!"
—Bruce P. Burrell

"I access hundreds of network-attached devices each day, and SecureCRT probably saves me four or more hours each month when compared to manually entering IP and login information each time I need to connect. There are free products that offer similar services, but the easy-to-use interface, and great customer support puts SecureCRT in a class of its own."
—Ryan Lestina, Network Administrator, Bresnan Communications

"Thanks for your attentiveness to this issue. The quality of support is definitely a reason why I continue to support VanDyke products."
—Bill Pitz, Red Condor, Inc.

"I have to say I am an extremely happy user of SecureCRT — it does what it says on the tin and does it well."
—Alastair France, Consultant

"I want to say thank you very much for your help. Your commitment to your product and its customers is second to none."
—Joseph Abreu, Starent Networks Corporation

"I had all my questions answered and am very satisfied with the level of technical support you provide. You are worlds ahead of some of the other companies I deal with."
—John L. Anderson, Raytheon NCS

"What I particularly like about SecureCRT is that it has got a good set of tools that make my life easier. I like the use of tabs for multiple sessions and being able to set up automated log-in scripts which saves me having to remember lots of different IP addresses and passwords."
—Matthew Johnson, SecureCRT & SecureFX user

"I use SecureCRT to make sure I have a secure connection to [my] servers no matter where I'm traveling in the world. Thanks for your outstanding support!"
—Anu Garg, Wordsmith.org

"Your products are and always have been durable and reliable. I will always keep your company in mind as you guys really 'get it' in terms of functionality, costs, and customer focus."
—Steve Lyzenga, Roberts Automatic Products Inc.

"Quite possibly the best customer support service I have ever received."
—Joe Karr, Resource Associates International

"Thank you very much for your help; it's nice to know there are real people out there."
—Daniel Bailey, SecureCRT and SecureFX user

"Thanks for creating what is arguably the best SSH terminal client out there. I work with many people who use PuTTY because it's free, but after seeing SecureCRT, there have been more than a few converts. I've been a customer for quite a few years and don't see that changing if the current level of quality continues."
—Stefanie Slamon, Network Engineer

"Thank you so much for processing my feature request. I switched to using CRT/SecureCRT about 5 years ago after a decade with another emulator program, and I'd just like to express my appreciation for continuous improvements to SecureCRT and your willingness to include customer requests."
—Dylan VanHerpen, Field Network Engineer, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group

"Your U3 version is great. It's just what I need, as I often have to SSH into a piece of equipment away from my desk. Now I don't always have to grab my own laptop. I just have my flash drive with the U3 SecureCRT installed and can use any computer to SSH with all my sessions configured."
—Tom Phelan, Peddie School

"I used to use Putty and then I tried SecureCRT. I found this product worth every dollar I spent."
—Glenn Copeland, zen ink

"I've been with the SecureCRT since CRT and in all that time, aside from a recent re-licensing issue, the product has been so good I've never needed support. I enjoyed working with you recently on getting Kerberos/GSSAPI working. If only all tech support were like yours!"
—Peter Deuel, IT Specialist at a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm

"I appreciate the great support I get from VanDyke.... That is a good part of the reason I renewed my [SecureCRT and SecureFX] updates."
—Charles McKinnis, SecureCRT/SecureFX user

"Your level of support, even though I do not yet have a license, impresses me to no end."
—Nikhil Sharma (Now a SecureCRT user)

"I've been using VanDyke products since 1996 and champion your software everywhere I go, despite open source and free alternatives... SecureCRT (and now SecureFX) is consistently at the top of my 'must have' software list.... [The shared session database] was fantastic to see when I started using SecureFX."
—Greg M. Crist, Jr., Fire Up Media, Inc.

"SecureCRT lets employees change user settings, such as background colors, without affecting the next employee who logs onto that machine."
—System Administrator, online catalog division of a luxury retailer

"[SecureCRT] is definitely one of the best software products I've ever used. It's easy to use and I can do everything I want."
—Raphael Muther, SecureCRT user

"SecureCRT and SecureFX are by far the best terminal emulator [and file transfer] programs I have used in past 17+ years of networking. Also, special thanks to a wonderful sales and support staff."
—Matt Matin, Network Engineer, LandAmerica Financial Group Inc.

"I'm impressed with how fast and how good a response you provided, especially since I'm not even a licensed user yet... I appreciate you [taking my suggestions] into consideration for a future release. The more I hear about SecureCRT, the more I like it!"
—Chris Davis, Systems Analyst, Digicon Corporation/NEI (Now a SecureCRT user)

"Your developers have fixed my problems with this new build. This is why I always nominate your company whenever the PC mags ask for 'good support' companies — you never stop trying until you get the job done."
—Greg Flint, Programmer, Purdue University

"First off, great program (SecureCRT/SecureFX). I use it every day and couldn't live without it... You've been very tenacious about getting to the bottom of this problem and getting me a feasible work-around. More software companies need customer service reps like you."
—Kevin Autrey, Computer Software Consultant

"[Your follow-up to my feature request] is exactly why SecureCRT is the only shareware I have ever considered worthy of paying for. I program routers all day and SecureCRT is my stethoscope."
—Leon McCalla, CaribbeanLink, Inc.

"...We appreciate you and your colleagues at VanDyke taking customer inquiries seriously, enhancing your product continuously, and keeping track of feature requests as well as contacting customers in such cases. It's good to know that there are still companies that are acting this way."
—Frank Hartmann, SEW-EURODRIVE

"I have been in this field almost 30 years, and have used many different kinds of terminal emulators. Of all of them, VanDyke offers really top drawer support — the very best."
—Dan Gray, Innovative Solutions

"I'm impressed by your response and technical ability. You obviously know your product well. Many companies boast that they offer support for their products but to actually experience it this good is very rare."
—Andrew Kendall, Senior IPT Networks Support Engineer, Orange PCS Ltd

"I am a consultant and use SecureCRT and SecureFX in the development and maintenance of a couple of e-commerce solutions. I must say I have never had the need to look anywhere else for an SSH client."
—Thomas Kristiansen

"I wanted to extend my thanks to VanDyke software for providing not only an outstanding product — which has set my standards for a useful and functional Telnet and Secure Shell client — but also phenomenal customer service."
—Justin Wolfram-Larue

"I use SecureCRT to administer the production and test servers and SecureFX to upload the files. Many of the files are maintained by other individuals, so I use Quick Synchronize to find out which files on the server have changed."
—Scott Margason

"I've tried other freeware packages and have been unable to find the right options along with reliable scroll back (one of my most used features)."
—Dan Eichholz

"I use SecureFX and SecureCRT ... to safely manage the various surveys we run for our members.... We need to make sure that their data, and their customers' data, is safe."
—Peter Saiia

"As head of our company's IT department, it's nice to know I can go on vacation and still be able to respond to an emergency."
—Curtiss Wilson, Chief Information Officer

"SecureCRT has more features than any similar product I've used. A great example is the Activator tray utility. I [also] like to be able to save sessions and transfer them around as I need to."
—Greg Weir, Tucows Content Division

"Knowing our data is secure is one of my top priorities. You can never be too secure. We risk violating the trust of our customers, and exposing them and their personal information to abuse."
—J. Cornelius, Vice President of Operations, Coffee Cup Software

"I'd suggest that I needed some kind of functionality and, within a few weeks, you guys would produce palpable results.... You always improve your products in useful ways. I can actually use every enhancement you put into it."
—Brad Stec, System Architect, eROI

"I'm a network engineer and need to login to various routers, switches, and UNIX systems on a daily basis.... You make an essential program for my job, and every new version has made my job easier."
—Peter Gutierrez, Network Analyst, OIT/Network Services, UMass Amherst

"SecureCRT is a well-thought out and useful connection tool. We can't believe we used to 'make do' with old-fashioned Telnet applications."
—Lynne Seamans, Operating Systems Manager, Millersville University

"With CRT (and now SecureCRT), I can easily do my work from virtually anywhere on the planet... Who needs or wants an office!"
—Keith Brown, IT Consultant

"SecureCRT is the first program that I start in the morning and the last that I shut down in the evening... SecureCRT is unmatched for its stability."
—Erik Olsen, System Administrator, web hosting company

"SecureCRT is easy to use and it simply works. Adding access for a new host is just a click away. There is nothing complicated to deal with."
—Peter Gloor, Lotus Notes/Domino consultant

"Although there are plenty of free and functional Secure Shell clients out there... there are a number of features in SecureCRT that make it irreplaceable. The support for tabs in 5.0 is fabulous."
—Tim Eck, Software engineer, Terracotta, Inc.

"I switched to SecureCRT when the security restrictions that Sarbanes-Oxley spawned came into effect. It has proven to be extremely powerful and feature rich."
—Craig Kaminski, SCADA engineer, Gas pipeline company

"I used CRT for a long time before switching to SecureCRT for security reasons. I prefer using SecureCRT to test our routers since it's more user-friendly and (secure) than some other options out there."
—Scarlett Duplantis, Business development manager, Netjam, LLC