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... use the same secure remote access software on OS X, Linux and Windows.

...get a commercially supported UNIX Secure Shell server.

...have secure terminal
for my Mac OS X systems.

...replace nonsecure Telnet.

...replace nonsecure FTP.

...securely transfer files with simple drag and drop.



VanDyke Customers


It makes our day here at VanDyke Software when we get feedback from our customers. We get particularly excited about hearing how customers use our software to make their business work better and more securely. Here are some stories from customers about how they use our products in their work.

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Net Werx The Net Werx – By turning off FTP and switching to VShell®, this independent web development and hosting company reduced the resources it spends tracking down and recovering from external attacks. VShell secures usernames, passwords, and data and limits their customers' SFTP access to specific directories.
Georgia Municipal AssociationGeorgia Municipal Association – Using VShell triggers to automate site synchronization, and Virtual Directories and Access Controls for simple configuration, this Georgia non-profit provides its member municipalities with a flexible, low maintenance e-commerce solution.
Online RetailerThis online catalog division of a premier luxury retailer uses SecureCRT® on its warehouse floor to access its custom warehousing application and get direct input from serial devices such as scanners and scales.

eROI – This e-commerce and web hosting company uses VShell for UNIX to provide its clients with SFTP-only access to their web sites.

Tucows Inc.

Tucows Inc. – SecureCRT provides an easy-to-use, feature-rich solution for terminal emulation and securing TCP/IP applications at this popular software download site.

CoffeeCup Software CoffeeCup Software – At this web development software and services company, SecureCRT is used for software development and remote administration of servers at a dedicated hosting center.
AgfaAgfa-Gevaert system administrators use SecureCRT for secure remote access to critical systems on the Agfa Global Network and in the Agfa-Gevaert DMZ, and SecureFX for secure file transfer of patches, logs, and other key files.
Multi-M/IAUsing VanDyke Software's end-to-end solution, Multi-M/IA implemented a secure, collaborative environment for their employees. VanDyke's software is interoperable with OpenSSH and CVS running on Multi-M/IA's Linux server and client machines.
Nick Temple ConsultantsWith SecureCRT and SecureFX for remote access and file transfer, this e-commerce consultant can quickly respond to customer needs from the road or his office, while maintaining the security of their systems and data.
School of Biological SciencesAt the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, VShell and SecureFX provide multiple SFTP root access points and a highly secure file transfer client, reducing the complexity of managing secure file access for multiple offsite and guest users.
Nebraska BookUsing SecureCRT, Nebraska Book's PRISM software customers securely access bookstore inventory and accounting data, protecting passwords, confidential data, and credit card information.